Computer is fried

  chaztait 20:37 16 Jan 2006

Hi one of my computers just went i went to turn it on just there and i heard something hitting off metal and i turned it off at the socket then smell of something burning like if you leave popcorn in microwave for too long. It ehn plugged it back in and tried the power again and nothing. Anyone have any idea what it could be, i have tested the power lead at it is live so its the computer.



  Softstag 20:39 16 Jan 2006

Probably just the PSU. Hopefully everything else will be fine. Only way to tell is to replace the PSU, shouldn't cost much.

  chaztait 20:43 16 Jan 2006

what is the PSU?

  woodchip 20:47 16 Jan 2006

As above

  stalion 20:48 16 Jan 2006

power supply unit

  Softstag 20:54 16 Jan 2006

Usually at the top of the tower at the back (where the mains cable plugs in). It is quite easy to change.

  chaztait 21:25 16 Jan 2006

ok does anyone know how much it will cost for a new one or how to check if it is that which is broke

  woodchip 21:34 16 Jan 2006

They vary in price, But go for a Heavy one as this means bigger better components. Although I have had good ones at £27. I do think Paying £60 to £70 can be wasteful So use your common

  Softstag 22:23 16 Jan 2006

When you take it out, it will have a power rating on it, say 300W. Buy one with at least the same power rating, and avoid very cheap ones.

  chaztait 22:29 16 Jan 2006

right thanxs people al price it tomorrow

  chaztait 21:51 18 Jan 2006

Ok i bought the PSU today from my local computer shop for £17 and installed it and there is still now power. When i was doing it a noticed that the power cable for motherboard was longer but you could slide off the end section and now it fits, i pluged hardrive, CD Drive and Floppy drive but still it will not power up. Then i say what i think is a capacitor was lying on my floor and it was dented in, on it it says 105 degrees centigrade and under it saying (M) and on the other side where it is dented saying...i think 100 uF and a think under it it says 25v.

Is this off my motherboard, could it be the metal thing i heard when it blew?

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