Computer freezing on start

  dave726587 16:48 02 Feb 2009

Hi recently my computer has been freezing on startup. I turn it on and the bios screen shows but it just stays completly frozen with no error or anything that shows a problem. I have to hold the power button to shut it off then turn it on again so the computer starts normally. I cant be sure but so far ive only seen this problem happen on the first startup of the day. Does anyone know why my computer is doing this and is this a bad sign?? and there hasnt been any recent hardware changes.


  Pineman100 17:04 02 Feb 2009

When this happens, have you got any peripherals switched on?

I have an HP printer, and if I switch it on before I fire up the computer, I get exactly the same problem.

I've never bothered to try and sort out the problem (which I assume is caused by some sort of conflict) - I just make sure that I switch the computer on first!

  dave726587 17:06 02 Feb 2009

Hi, i have a USB Mouse / Keyboard and a usb external sound card thats all and before last week i didnt have this problem and i had the exact same deviced connected to the computer.

Thanks anyway

  dave726587 18:37 02 Feb 2009

anyone else know?

  €dstowe 18:43 02 Feb 2009

Suggests a failing/underpowered power supply unit. On startup the machine requires a lot of power to get everything going. If it can't get this power the machine hangs and waits for an extra boost (power off and on again) to supply this. The reason it works the second time is because all capacitors are charged up from the first startup attempt and the PSU is not needed to perform this duty and is thus able to give that extra "kick".

That explanation might not be quite correct but it is something like that.

  rawprawn 18:44 02 Feb 2009

You haven't told us the OS but,
Have you tried "last good configuration" ?
click here

  dave726587 18:44 02 Feb 2009

You could be right €dstowe, read my other post about my PSU:

click here

but it hasnt done this before last week its weird how it started all of a sudden

  €dstowe 18:52 02 Feb 2009

I've experienced a similar situation more than once. A quick replacement of the PSU quickly sorted it out on each occasion. I keep a couple of spares now just in case.

  dave726587 18:57 02 Feb 2009

k thanks for the info i will try upgrading the PSU.

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