Computer Freezing Problems

  animal1111 19:48 03 Jun 2005

Hello, i recently installed a new graphics card, Nvidia GeForce FX 6800, and since then my computer has been freezing when i have been playing online games, such as World of Warcraft and Counter Strike. When my computer freezes, it will no longer respond to commands, and i have to do a cold reboot. When i brought the new graphics card i brought a new 550W psu to support it, and i have up to date drivers. I am using a QDI advanced 10T mobo, with apollo pro 133t chipset, AMD Athlon 2500 barton with 2gb 400mhz RAM.
Many Thanks

  Dorsai 20:21 03 Jun 2005

Could be:

Driver problem.

Hardware conflict.

Defective Hardware.

Overheating. (don't think so though, unless airflow from fans now hindered by new, bigger card.)

Game installed when Old GFX card installed, and now trying to use settings/drivers relevant to old card, when old card no longer there?

First, I would make sure the new card properly plugged in, and that the fitting of it did not knock anything else lose.

Next, Check device manager for conflicts.

Copy saved game folder to safe place, and uninstall game, and re-install game?

Direct X also installs files specific to GFX card, and now the card has changed. Uninstall/repair/reinstall Direct-X?

Windows also installs GFX card specific files. Did you remove all drivers for old card before fitting new one? (how to do this seems to vary depending on the old card)

Dunno really.

Many things.

  User-312386 22:18 03 Jun 2005

OK here is what to do

Install Driver Cleaner Pro click here

Now download the latest drivers for your Graphics card click here Do not install these drivers yet

Now go to Start>Control Panel and then Add or Remove Programmes. Now uninstall all references to your old and new graphics card drivers. After these are uninstalled go to the step below.

Restart the computer and start hitting the F8 key upon boot up. Select Safe Mode.

Now when the computer boots up in safe mode you will see a wizard pop up for new hardware, press cancel. Now start Driver Cleaner Pro. Under the cleaning Drop-down Box Delete all references to any Graphics cards that may have been installed. Now when they have been completely cleaned out, select tools (in driver cleaner) and select Cab cleaner, click start. This may take some time. When that has finished restart computer in Normal mode

When the wizard pops up select cancel again. Now locate the Nvidia Driver which you downloaded earlier and double click it and this will install the drivers. When this is done restart computer.

Hope this helps

  animal1111 19:56 07 Jun 2005

I've tried the above and still no joy. One thing I noticed in the forum archive is that most of the freeze problems seem to be an AMD with a GeForce card????

  canard 23:29 07 Jun 2005

Check Google for issues with Nvidia Geforce. It may not agree with Athlon or your mobo.

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