Computer is freezing up intermittantly

  donaldcro 21:17 06 Mar 2008

My computer is freezing up intermittantly then running normal. I thinks it a virus, but so far my virus checker cannot find whatever it is. Is there anyone out there that might be able to throw light on the problem with a view to solving the issue please?


  Fried~Chips 00:38 07 Mar 2008

Quite a few things can cause this, Overheating, Power Supply in computer problem, damaged internet explorer or other main software programe, faulty HDD or other drive, memory.

1st I would check your fans inside your machine for build up of Dust then to make sure their spinning ok when the machine is powered on. Carefully though!!!

  sunny staines 00:51 07 Mar 2008

i get poss similar occasional problem keyboard or mouse will sieze up for 2-4 seconds then be ok,sometimes the dvd drives will be invisible to windows could happen a dozen times an evening or go weeks without a problem.
i checked memory,hdd, sockets,temp, mouse keyboard,even reformatted and re loaded xp fresh for the windows cd again and have given up and just live with it.

are your symptoms the same.

i suspect m/b or psu but do not have spares to try.

  rdave13 02:24 07 Mar 2008

I'm a bit surprised with you. Seems your problem, along with donaldcro is heat related.
When was the last time you took the side panel off and had a good look at the internals, especially the CPU's cooling fins to see if they are coated with the dreaded dust grime? Maybe a good spring clean internally and making sure the externally vents are clear?

  sunny staines 04:24 07 Mar 2008


cpu temp runs 26c do you think thats too hot

M/B runs 65c
hdd 41c & 31c

I though these were ok but willing to take advice on temps used pcwizard to get temp readings

  PalaeoBill 08:40 07 Mar 2008

It may be worth having a task manager window up so that you can monitor performance/processes the next time it freezes. Just to rule out a service based problem. (Norton used to cause my PC to hang for a few seconds when it updated, taking 100% of the processor).
Also, have you looked at the event logs around the time of the freezing?

  rdave13 09:18 07 Mar 2008

Temps seem fine. M/B 65c? donaldcro anything in event viewer?

  donaldcro 09:30 07 Mar 2008

I have followed the advice you have given me, and yes I have opened the back of the processer because recently I had to put some memory into the slot. However, I think my problem is to do with Outlook Express as this delay situ happens each time I have done a small, mail shot through the Outlook Express system. The computer is otherwise running fine, and there appears to be no CPU problems.

Thanks guys.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:31 07 Mar 2008

OE Freezing
Disable AVG by right clicking the icon and selecting close - i can't remember the exact wording but you see and option to close the shield or something.

If OE now opens OK you need to clear out loads of rubbish from your folders. Basically AVG is scanning all the folders every time OE opens and if you have loads of attachments (esp big pics) it can cause OE to hang as it times out whilst waiting for AVG to finish scanning. Once you have deleted all can afford to loose empty the deleted items and then File, Folder, Compact All Folders.

Reboot and OE should be OK whilst AVG is running. Just remember that you need to make sure you don't build up loads of old mail in your OE.

remarkably common problem with AVG and OE.

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