Computer Freezing after NTL Broadband Installation

  wrighteous 15:28 24 Jun 2003

Would be grateful for any advice on this as I'm spending so much time on my computer that the wife and kids now fail to recognise me.

I've recently installed NTL broadband on a computer running Windows ME. Immediately it began to freeze. I changed from an USB to Ethernet connection to no avail. I then (with great difficulty) updated to Windows XP as it is supposed to be more stable. Alas, the problem is still there.

I've trawled other discussion forums and have uninstalled correctconnect with again no resolution. I've tried the NTL helpline who claim its a computer problem and someone mentioned system resource problem (how can you check in Windows XP?)

If I'm lucky the computer works for 30 minutes before it freezes but sometimes it won't even start. Would be grateful for any advice

  MichelleC 15:58 24 Jun 2003

Did you upgrade to xp from a formatted hd or from ME?

  wrighteous 16:12 24 Jun 2003

Apologies if you have now received this three times very new to this.

I installed XP on a new hd which I bought after failing to upgrade the original. Same problem with freezing. I'm now running the original hd as a slave and it still has ME on it. Could it be that causing the problem?

  accord 18:04 24 Jun 2003

i suggest you uninstall the NTL modem software and reboot. re-install using the ethernet connection, following line by line the instructions which came with your modem. dont bother installing the correctconnect as its a waste if system resource. it may be a good idea to speak to NTL tech support whilst you are installing this as if there are any probs they can sort it out over the phone there and then.

  jazzypop 18:28 24 Jun 2003

The very best site for NTL broadband issues - click here

  The Idle one 18:46 24 Jun 2003

Had a similar problem - (i,ve got satellite broadband).
If you install modems with usb it puts a couple of files on the system(sorry can't remember what called)that do NOT remove on a reinstall - they have to be removed manually from the registry.
Also if you have a pentium 4 you may have to remove interthreading.
hope not too much of a 'jonah' & good luck

  stevehaz_uk 19:12 24 Jun 2003

I run XP Pro and have just had NTL 600K installed.
No hitches - the OS and connection are 100% stable. I reckon the addition of your Broadband connection is probably the most important step you will make this year. That being the case why not turn the lot off - reinstall XP and connect the USB modem first off, install nothing else until your connection is perfect. Use CorrectConnect to test your connections etc. I know this is a bit "belt and braces" but believe me your broadband will become the most important part of your system so build your system around it.

  canard 20:32 24 Jun 2003

If you're on BB with a firewall [regardless of OS] you'll be using an awful lot of RAM which might explain your freezeups.
click here DSOStop seems to keep your PC protected without RAM hogging [you don't need to be quite as draconian as the instructions say]. It solved my freezeup probs.

  jazzypop 20:58 24 Jun 2003

DSOStop is *not* a firewall. It provides one specific protection method, for one specific security exploit in Internet Explorer, which I believe was fixed by MS about a year ago.

There are plenty of decent firewalls that do not hog RAM - my prefernce is for Sygate.

  wrighteous 22:33 24 Jun 2003

Lots to get on with. I'll let you know how I get on!


  wrighteous 23:07 27 Jun 2003


I'm still getting my computer freezing but not as often.

I've tried to re-install the NTL modem but it won't let me error code 23?
I've also disconnected the original hard drive which has been more succesful I think.

What are the things to cause a computer to freeze up?

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