computer "freezing"

  rdave13 00:17 05 Aug 2005

Had problems with the comp freezing at random times. So looked for advice here and was very impressed. So I stopped system restore and ran various anti vir..mal,,and spy..wares.Re set sys. restore and things worked well for a couple of days.

Froze again so I opened the unit up,gave it a good cleanout,checked the ram cards connections, graphics and all other connections I could find.

Everything looked sound.So I monitored the temps but all seemed good.

Didn't want to start playing around with the registry so paid for reg fix. It found problems and "fixed" them.

Fine for a while but then my comp froze.

To cut a long..long story short I found out the problem when I bought some cheap external speakers! As my house is open plan my comp is half way between kitchen and lounge.Power source is from a double socket;one side powers my multi socket extension lead for comp and accessories and the other side for a blooming fridge!!

I suppose I should have twigged sooner that sometimes when the fridge switched on or off it would have affected my machine.
Through my new speakers a loud click was heard and then the world stood still!
Needles to say that since I have changed power point the problem has dissappeared.
Funny that it didn't happen every time the fridges' switch was activated?
Anyone had similar problem?

  Forum Editor 00:30 05 Aug 2005

I'll move this to Helproom.

  rdave13 00:34 05 Aug 2005


  DieSse 00:41 05 Aug 2005

Switch (electrical) noises are not an uncommon source of glitches in computers. Fridges and flourescent lights are common culprts.

It's a sign of a less than perfect power supply often - the noise spike shouldn't really get through the PSU - but does in some cases. You can fit a spike supressor power strip, or an uninterruptable power supply, both of which contain circuits to filter out such noise spikes.

  rdave13 00:50 05 Aug 2005

DieSse for the good advice and shall follow it through. Funnily enough my tinny cheap speakers also used to pick up "noise" as if someone was starting a call on the C.B.

That's when they were illegal and the calls came loudly through the "stereogram"!

Shows my age:)

  DieSse 00:56 05 Aug 2005

At least you didn't call it a gramaphone - had one of those when I was young!

  rdave13 01:02 05 Aug 2005

replaced gramaphone with the "newfangled" stereogram....but it was high tec..:0

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