Computer freezing

  Roadgiant 17:39 03 Jul 2005

I seem to be having a problem with my computer freezing daily, the pc can be on for 8 or 10 hours sometimes more with no problem,it will suddenly freeze for no apparent reason and the only way to restart is with the reset button after which it works fine again. I have checked event viewer and nothing seems to show up. This seems to occur irregaurdless of whether the pc is being used on the internet, using various different programmes or even when I am about to open a program.

A friend (who is unfortunately away at the moment) installed a new 200gb h/drive just over a week ago to replace my old failing 120gb one, I know the old h/drive is still inside the case but is disconnected, this problem seems to be occurring since then.
Windows XP (home) and other programs have been completely reinstalled, as well as drivers etc.

I have read somewhere that spyware could cause this kind of problem but the first programmes I reinstalled after anti virus and firewall were Spybot, Ad-aware SpywareBlaster and Ccleaner none of which pick up any problems.

If it was a case of overheating causing this problem, would the same thing not keep reoccurring after a reset?

The computer is a Athlon 2400Xp with 512mb of memory, MSI GeForce Fx5600 Asustek A7V8x m/board 200gb Maxtor D/Max +9 (old h/drive was a 120gb Maxtor) Windows XP home.
If any more info is needed please let me know

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

  SANTOS7 18:25 03 Jul 2005

It may well be an overheating problem ,as you say the other HDD is still in your PC take it out to create more space for the cool air generated by your fans to circulate.

  alltime 19:06 03 Jul 2005

Have you tried removing the cables from the Hdd and the mobo and reseating them (making sure the connections are secure) Dont forget the earth.
Also good idea to remove the unwanted drive as santos suggested.

  woodchip 19:19 03 Jul 2005

Sounds like Hard drive getting too hot. Remove the old drive it should allow more air round the new drive. You can also get a Drive cooler fan

  keith-236785 20:24 03 Jul 2005

next time it happens, press CTRL+ALT+DEL and wait for upto 30 seconds.... my computer sometimes freezes (only when i play one certain online game), ctrl+alt+del normally allows me to recover and carry on.

not sure what causes it but at least i get to finish my game.

hope this helps

  Roadgiant 20:08 04 Jul 2005

Thanks for the advice, as soon as my friend is back next week I am going to ask him to get him to remove the old drive and also ask him install a cooler at the same time.I'll mark the topic as resolved and will post again in a week or so time to confirm it worked.
Thanks once again

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