Computer freezes.CTRL+ALT+DEL does not release it

  Alandene 20:19 04 Oct 2005

When playing any game such as Delta Force or Microsoft Flight Simulator after about five minutes or so the screen freezes and the only way out is to shut down and restart.
Configuration:- Windows XP home. AMD Athlon 64 3400+ with 1GB DDR memory and NVIDIA Geforce FX 5500 with 256 MB video memory. Any ideas please?

  citadel 22:25 04 Oct 2005

have you updated the graphics card drivers. I had a similar problem and it was caused by a faulty psu. your system is capable of running a much better graphics card.

  Chegs ® 22:26 04 Oct 2005

Have a look in XP's Error Log,it might give you an idea as to what's causing the lockup.

Cannot recall exactly howto access the logs,but they're in "Help & Support"

  LogIK 22:45 04 Oct 2005

Control Pannel -> Computer Management -> Event Viewer

  Alandene 12:35 06 Oct 2005

Thank you CITADEL for your video driver suggestion.
Thanks to Chegs for suggesting XP's error log.
Thanks to LogIK for further explanation.
I intend to try all these soon.

  keith-236785 16:18 06 Oct 2005

you say CTRL+ALT+DEL doesnt work, i too have this problem whilst playing snooker online, i have to press CTRL+ALT+DEL, and wait for upto 30 seconds, then it finally throws up the task manager window, i close it and can return to the game. (bit of a swine if there is a 20 second shot timer on but....)

occasionally even this wont work and i have no choice but to press the reset button. strange thing though, even though the screen has frozen and nothing seems to be working i can still type messages to the other player explaining whats happened and it goes through ok. very strange, suspect either my monitor (17"TFT) or graphic card (Nvidia FX5200) but until i can replace either then i wont know.

i would suggest pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and waiting for half a minute to see if it works for you (30 seconds is a long time) and its easy to assume that nothing is happening after only about ten secs but give it time. its a free option and will onlt take about 30 secs to see if it works for you.....not a cure but a workaround until someone else comes up with something better.

hope this helps

  Alandene 19:36 06 Oct 2005

Many thanks for your idea - I intend to check this out. What a good forum this is!

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