Computer Freezes Temp.

  pjt 23:42 03 Nov 2004

I seem to have developed a new problem of unknown origin. Every so-often
the computer freezes for 5 to 10 seconds - that is everything (mouse wont
move:; page wont scroll; audio or video stops; d/l stops, etc; even stops
when I am in the middle of typing).
I have done a virus check - all ok
Run AdAware and SpyBot - all clear
Am running SpywareGuard and nothing has not shown up.
Happens every 2 to 3 mins.

If it freezes when I am typing and I move the mouse it causes a "buzzing"
noise from the
computer case!!

Win 98SE; IE6; OE6.

Any idea what could be causing this and how to cure it?



  hugh-265156 00:13 04 Nov 2004

not sure sorry, is this buzzing more like a grinding sound? if you can open up the case and try to pinpoint where the noise is comming from it may help a bit.

how much ram do you have and how many programs do you have running/starting with windows? how much free disk space do you have?

try running something like cleanup click here then run a defrag. if that doesnt improve things try running a hard drive diagnostic just to check the hard drive. the online or desktop versions click here work with both my seagate and maxtor drives so it should work with most brands. if that all works ok post back.

  ollie < one> 03:54 04 Nov 2004


  matt1234 07:43 04 Nov 2004

if it makes a buzzing noise when it crashes it sounds like the hard drive maybe damaged!!!

Because the exact thing happened at school!

I sorted it by run scan disc, defragment and try to stop high power programs running in the task manager!!

  Diodorus Siculus 07:56 04 Nov 2004

Have you defragged / run scan disk?

  pjt 16:34 04 Nov 2004

The "buzzing" noise only happens when I am typing and it freezes. It appears to come from the front of the case.

Yes, I have defragged and run scandisc.
Its a 750 processor with 256RAM. StartUp shows a total of 14 ticks but I only have 6 added appliances: AVG; ZoneAlarm; Wimpatrol; RoboForm; SpywareGuard & StartRunUp Monitor.

I have 31GB free space and 720 MB of free memory.
I have 40% free resourses according to meter.

Ollie - bump???

sounds more like a loose connection or one of the power cables not fully pushed home even mouse cables may be just that shade loose check aLL the cable connections Make sure they are clean

  matt1234 22:29 05 Nov 2004

that taping noise is the computer inbuilt speaker that sometimes makes this noice to tell you it has crashed!!!

Try going to mscongig by going start run msconfig and untick all the boxes on the (i think) 4tab and then just keep adding it on till the crashing stops and then that the app not working!!!!

  pjt 01:40 06 Nov 2004


Untick all boxes in 4th tab?
Do you mean in:
Config system,
or Startup?
Cant untick ALL from Startup surely.

  hugh-265156 01:49 06 Nov 2004

have you located the source of the noise yet?

  groundhog 06:03 06 Nov 2004

I've seen a similar problem before, without the buzzing, the computer was trying to access/logon to a network. No network available so it just kept trying to logon again and again.

You do need to find out where the buzzing is comming from.

However and this is a long shot - if your keyboard cache fills up your system speaker beeps but any damage to the speaker causes it to buzz.

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