Computer freezes during gaming, GPU not faulty.

  zcubez 13:59 27 Apr 2015

Hello dear pcadvosor forum,

My PC crashes at random moments while playing games like Hitman: Absolution, Skyrim, Counter-Strike: GO... The crash looks like that: The PC freezes, the sound is played in a loop, the fans are still working though. It never occured that the PC crashed during normal use like Youtube, browsing the Internet etc. or during a stress test. I've done CPU, GPU and RAM stress tests, all went fine.

Due to the freezes only appearing while gaming, I thought the GPU could be possibly damaged or something, thus I ordered an exchange, which I've got. Yet the problem is still there and it's driving me crazy.

I checked also the CPU temps, and the third-part softwares tell me the following ...

idle temperatures: HardwareMonitor: 55° SpeedFan: 35° CoreTemp: 2° (which is completly weird, but I heard AMD temp sensors are not the best) A-Tuning: 35°

with Prime95 running: HardwareMonitor: 93° SpeedFan: 58° CoreTemp: 44° A-Tuning: 58°

The specs of the PC I built:

GPU: XFX R9 270 CPU: AMD Athlon X4 860K (running atm at the standard of 3,7GHz) CPU Cooler: CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 Evo Motherboard AsRock FM2A88-HD+ RAM: 8GB 1600Mhz Case: CoolerMaster N200 PSU: 750W

  Frost_WD 13:15 28 Apr 2015

Hi zcubez,

I do not like the look of those 93 C. Could run another test and see if you get similar results? Also clean any dust buildup that you have. You could try running the PC without the side panel, at lower temperatures and see if you have the same problems. Also, check the recommended temperatures for your components and compare them with the temperatures at the time of the crashes. I would also suggest taking a look in Windows event viewer, there could be a hint about what is causing such hang-up there. Also, see if you have some component at 100% in the resource manager. Another thing I would recommend is to run a brand specific diagnostics test on your hard drive. There are third party tools, however, the once from the manufacturer usually provide the most accurate result. You can post the SMART data here after the extended test. You can also check for burn marks on your motherboard.

Keep me posted,


  zcubez 09:47 29 Apr 2015

I ran multiple tests, always the same result. There's no dust since I recently built this computer. Also I tried running the PC without the side panel, but it still freezes. The event viewer just gives me the error code 41 Kernel-Power (which means that the PC hasn't shut down properly). My Computer also freezes when CPU is not at 100% load. I'll check the hard drive thingy though, thanks!

  Frost_WD 13:49 29 Apr 2015

Hi zcubez, thanks for the update,

I would also suggest making sure all your components are firmly in place, some cable/component might have gone loose. Do post the SMART data after you have done the extended test. If you have a different PC to test your components on that would help out quite a bit. Running a malware scan won't hurt ;)

Keep me posted,


  zcubez 11:17 30 Apr 2015

I'll reassembly the parts tonight, to make sure everything is correctly placed. This is what CrystalDiskInfo says: click here Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics said the HDD passed the SMART test. Also there's not any found on malware.

Thank you for your help, I'll keep you updated.


  zcubez 11:19 30 Apr 2015

Oh I'm sorry the pic is in german, this one is in english: click here there any way to edit the post?


  Frost_WD 12:04 30 Apr 2015

Hi zcubez,

Well, your SMART status is actually great, but after all the drive that is new (390h). At this point there isn't much to do but test the individual components and strip down the PC to its essentials. As you will have you case open, make sure the thermal paste of your CPU is OK and the right amount. Another thing to do would be testing your PSU on a different machine if possible.

Best of luck,


  zcubez 11:59 01 May 2015

So, yesterday evening I reassembled all components, and today the problem still occured. The thermal paste of my CPU should be fine. Sadly I don't have any possibility to test my PSU on another computer. But thanks for your help, I appreciate it!

  Frost_WD 13:05 01 May 2015

Hi again zcubez,

I would suggest asking a friend or relative to help you out if possible. Other than that if you decide to change the PSU make sure you go for one that has enough wattage, actually I would recommend going for a bit more, that way you would have space for future upgrades. You can see how much watts your system needs with the help of the various calculators online.

Best of luck, Frost_WD

  spekkie99 14:17 09 Oct 2015

Hi, any news on this issue because i have the same MB and CPU wit a AMD 7950 video card and exactly the same issue after clean install of windows 10.

  spekkie99 21:24 11 Oct 2015

for the record, this was solved with a new bios version 3.10, see Asrock site.

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