Computer Freezes after about 3 Min

  Woodmouse 06:50 21 Jul 2003

Windows XP, 512Mb Ram, Tornado Ge-Force 4 MX440 Graphics Card. Installed new PSU and CPU(1.8Mhz). When running Flight Sim 2002, program now freezes after about 3 minutes. I have downloaded the nVidea Detonator XP Driver and installed, and have re-installed Flight Sim, but the program still freezes. I suspect that my other graphical programs will suffer in the same way.

  Lozzy 08:49 21 Jul 2003

Check that your Ram is seated properly. Flight sim is ram hungry and if you have installed a new CPU you could have touched it and dislodged it. Even though you may go into and see 512mb of ram there if its not seated prop this will cause a system freeze.

  Woodmouse 09:47 21 Jul 2003

Thanks - I have already inspected all the components, but I will re-check the two Ram Memory Sticks.

I have been having problems with Flight Simulator 2000 for the last week or so.

Mine doesn't freeze totally, but does get quite juddery.

I spent the whole weekend trying to find out why? My system is a 2 Ghz, 512 Mb, Ge-Force 100/200 Graphics Card (I think).

When I last played it a few weeks ago it worked fine. The only thing that I have done since then is to apply the latest Microsoft patches. Tried doing a system restore to 3 weeks ago, but this didn't make any difference. I have also run a full virus scan, run adaware, done a full surface scan, and defraged the drives. Nothing is making any difference.

  Taw 18:34 21 Jul 2003

I have a similar spec to yourself except 1.4 Ath;on and gforce 2 mx 400 Im using the nvidia driver as when I loaded the next set after this my comp froze every few minutes. After rollong back to the system has been fine

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