Computer Freezes

  2393 17:56 21 Dec 2005

Each time I switch my computer on, within 5 minutes, it freezes. I press restart and it can run for up to 2 hours before it freezes again. There are times when it freezes as it starts up. There is no warning and can be most offputting especially when I'm trying to send e-mails. It has been suggested that I need another motherboard. Is this a possibility or could it be more serious?

  Skyver 18:01 21 Dec 2005

What OS are you running, what antivirus do you have, what anti-spyware software do you use (if any), how old is your PC....with more information, we can provide more ideas...

  2393 18:26 21 Dec 2005

To Skyver.
I am using XP home edition, Mcfee antivirus, and aol anti-spyware.
The computer was built for me 3 years ago. I can't go back to the company who built it, they've gone out of business.

  Skyver 19:13 21 Dec 2005

OK, first thing is a disk check, start menu/run, type `chkdsk`, let it run, then try system file check , start menu/run `sfc /scannow`.

  citadel 19:38 21 Dec 2005

If there are no error messages it could be the psu.

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