Computer freeze

  collarddj 08:35 15 Feb 2005

Currently have an ongoing issue with my computer just freezing up and having to restart it to get it running again. Have changed graphics card, ram and recently sent it away to get the motherboard/processor checked and they said it was the ram. New ram fitted under warranty and 1 1/2 hrs later same fault, rebooted 20mins later same fault. Please help as very tired of work mounting up and unable to do it!

  wobblymike 08:49 15 Feb 2005

There could be anyone of a dozen things causing this
What OS are you running - if XP have you tried system restore?
have you run any diagnostic checks on your Hard drive?
At around the time the problem started had you loaded any programs or installed any hardware?
Have you tried reinstalling your OS?

A myriad of things could cause this - much more detail required if you want meaningful diagnosis

  collarddj 09:08 15 Feb 2005

Sorry forgot to mention, using XP and it has been reinstalled but problem still arises. Put a different hard drive in to try for a while but still no joy. Have not carried out a hard drive check as don't know how. Originally I thought it might be a faulty program I had loaded but erased that area after OS was reinstalled. Checked the event list last night after it frooze the first time but nothing listed. Hope this helps.

  wobblymike 10:18 15 Feb 2005

If you have tried a new hard drive, reinstalled a clean OS and replaced the RAM - there is very litle left to cause this other than the MOBO. It might be worth stripping your PC down to basics i.e. remove all PCI cards leaving just your graphics card (I'm assuming you are using a AGP card) however if you have the option of onboard graphics you might remove your AGP card as well. Try it in this configuration if the problem still persists then I would suspect a MOBO fault.

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