computer fairs

  polish 19:47 17 Mar 2004

has any one got anything to say about computer fairs good or bad

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:51 17 Mar 2004

I've always found them to be tatty with a bunch of anoraks trying to get a good deal on an Amstrad. ;-)) I also object to being charged £3 to view a few decorator's trestle tables in an old school gym, full of stuff ripped out of 166 computers. Careful buying off the net should give as good, if not better prices. IMHO not worth the hassle.


  mole44 19:54 17 Mar 2004

i used to go to the ones here in luton but its just full of box shifters,if i bought anything was usually consumables.but you see people loaded up with "bargains".still its up to them

  Indigo 1 19:57 17 Mar 2004

Second hand electrical equipment is rarely any use.

  [email protected] 20:03 17 Mar 2004

I use the one at Stratford East London regularly and have never had a bad experience yet apart from the £3 entry fee

  AL D. 20:12 17 Mar 2004

Obviously you are unfortunate about your area fair shows,i visit 2 PC fairs, Bowlers in Manchester and Abacus in Liverpool, where 95% are reputable traders selling quality merchandise at a greatly reduced price, compared to the likes of PCW, I build brand new PC's for friends and family and have done so over the past 2 years and all the products i purchase are fully warrantied, but i know what you mean, some of these very small shows don't get the major retailers there because of the location and amount of likely customers that can get in.Especialy in old school gyms.which cant be said about bowlers or the other big fairs,

  james1` 20:13 17 Mar 2004

I bought a motherboard from the one at Stratford,found the stallholder i bought from very helpful and as i have no credit card a competitive price as well

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