computer failure, probably graphics card?

  hogfather 2010 10:52 24 Mar 2015

5 years old computer. specs:

Processor: AMD Phenom II 955 Motherboard: Asus M4A79XTD Evo Video Card: asus 250 gts Hard Disc Drive: Western Digital Blue caviar Blue 500 GB RAM: 8 gigs kingston (2x4gig) Network card: Linksys Wireless-N WMP 600 N) Power Supply: Antec Basiq PS 550W

Problems: about a week ago the issue started with 2 games (europa universalis 4 & kerbal space program) crashing/rebooting the computer. A few seconds before the crash everything turned into 8-bit colours and became unresponsive, then the system restarted.

This happened 2 times then nothing. This morning however, the computer screen will turn black for a few seconds, then turn online again with a message saying "the display driver has stopped responding and has recovered". This happens about 2/3 times, then the sytem will BSOD and reboot. I want to note that this happened while only Firefox & Mozilla Thunderbird were open (and assorted security programs such as firewall, antivirus etc...). Every time I restart the system it shows this issue.

I am currently typing this on the same computer, but in safe mode with networking. While the system seems very stable compared to previous, there are faint vertical, azure dotted lines (azure against a white background, red against a black background), grouped together but with 5 groups across the screen.

SO: I think my graphics card is giving up the ghost. 1. correct?

  1. I intended to build a completely new system in august, but right now I can't afford to do a completely new build. The graphics card I was considering for that new system is the nvidia gtx 960. Assuming that the issue lies with the graphics card, can I replace it with a 960, specifically in terms of power supply useage and motherboard compatibility?
  OCTCORE 06:14 28 Mar 2015

Remove graphics card and use onboard if you have it, to confirm its the card.

  OCTCORE 06:17 28 Mar 2015

After 5 years re-seating everything inside wont hurt, but you prob already done that right ?

  wee eddie 11:40 28 Mar 2015

Could be dusty in there. Just a Clean and reseat might be sufficient and neither costs a penny.

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