Computer Failure...

  Tree3 10:13 03 Jun 2005

hello, i recently took a slot A P3 out of a computer, put it back in and then the computer fails to load...there are 2 processors in there the comuter is a Dell and the monter just fails to start, it stays on standby

  DieSse 11:04 03 Jun 2005

Take it out and put it back in a couple of times - make sure it's fully seated in it's socket - it's probably just bad contacts - happens frequently with older systems.

If you've really got two processors - you may even have to repeat the process with the second one - you almost ceratinly knocked, even if only slightly - and that can be enough to cause a problem.

  Tree3 11:08 03 Jun 2005

i turned it on yesterday and it said, no processor or termination card, so i put a termination card in and it said the computer was loosing memory

  DieSse 15:00 03 Jun 2005

"so i put a termination card in"

What's a termination card - a card for the spare processor slot??

Have you tried what I suggested? - did it work or not??

  DieSse 15:01 03 Jun 2005

"i recently took a slot A P3 out of a computer"

You didn't say why you did this - was there a reason??

  Tree3 15:33 03 Jun 2005

the reason was to use it in a different computer as it was a faster CPU, i have tried putting a termation card in and pleaning it all (termation card is a spare card for slot)

  DieSse 16:05 03 Jun 2005

When you removed the processor, did you switch off power at the mains?

  Tree3 17:04 03 Jun 2005

i did i have done this many times before and no problems

  DieSse 17:31 03 Jun 2005

I'm sure it will only be a "dirty contacts" type of problem , unless you've been unlucky enough to blow something in the process.

Usual things which stop boot-up with no error beeps are processor - ram - motherboard.

I can only suggest you take out the RAM - and refit,

and all the daughter boards - refit

and the PSU connector to the main board - refit

  Tree3 18:36 03 Jun 2005

ok i'll give that a go and get back to you...on boot up before it did say wrong voltage and contact dell engineer with error code PnP1

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