Computer fails to pass post

  fishmad pete 10:46 07 Jul 2009

Good morning every one,
My Sister-in-laws computer is failing to past POST at switch on. Over the last month or so she states that she has had several lock ups and quite a few BSOD (blue screens of death). I have disconected all drives and reduce down to mother board, Processor and graphics card and removed and re-inserted the memory.
As a final ditch effort I removed the graphics card and at switch on received a long beep.The first sound that I had heard from the machine. I switched it off again and fitted the hard drive and re-booted. The system again issued a long beep but then I had hard drive activity and eventually heard the windows opening music through the speakers. Although this seems to point towards the graphics card to be at fault is there any chance that it could be something else? I don't realy want her to fork out on a new card if it will not cure the problem.


  johndrew 10:54 07 Jul 2009

You don`t say which BIOS your sister has, but have a look at these codes click here they may help.

It may also be worth re-seating the memory sticks just in case there are bad contacts.
A good check of the graphics card should also be valid. Perhaps you have a friendly local PC shop that could check it for you.

  fishmad pete 11:01 07 Jul 2009

Thank you for quick response. Unfortunately I do not know which bios is installed on the motherboard. There is not too much information on the board except for a sticker with WIN typed on it and stuck to the bios heat sink fan.



  johndrew 16:43 07 Jul 2009

What is the make and model of the PC? From that it may be possible to determine the BIOS.

  johndrew 11:07 08 Jul 2009

Also, do you get anything on the screen, such as a `no signal` message?

Has the screen an illuminated power button? If so does it usually go red when the PC is in Standby and what colour is it now?

It may be worth checking the supply to the screen - especially if it is a separate supply to a TFT - and all cables for continuity if they have been bent tightly or are getting a bit old.

  fishmad pete 10:19 09 Jul 2009

Sorry for delay in replying to suggestions but was waiting to get back to her computer.
The computer is a self build and has not given any trouble for the last two years. The motherboard is a Foxconn socket 939 (NF4UK8AA). The chip fan label says WIN FAST. I have checked the graphics card in another computer and it works fine. A working graphics card has been placed in the faulty computer with the same results as before. ie. The computer does not reach POST and no sounds emit from the internal speaker to indicate a fault. Removal of the graphics card results in a long beep followed by disc activity and then the opening cords of windows.
The display functions correctly and indicates that the cable is connected but that there is no input signal. I have tried the DVi and D socket outputs/inputs. I have carried out voltage checks from the power supply with the card connected and disconnected both were the same.
Next option I believe is to change the motherboard as the processor must be working and the power supply appears to be ok too.

  johndrew 12:21 09 Jul 2009

The only other suggestion I can make given that all else seems fine is to replace the CMOS battery on the motherboard. If this goes flat (and the PC is around 2 years old) then it can have some strange results.

If this doesn`t work (you should at least get the BIOS screen up with power on) then I am not certain what else to suggest. It could be the motherboard has a fault and the only way to get this checked would be in a dedicated facility.

  Graphicool1 12:53 09 Jul 2009

Try a different Monitor.

  fishmad pete 19:46 26 Jul 2009

Motherboard confirmed defective. Upgraded board and fitted a dual processor at the same time. Luckily I was able to revalidate XP without any problems and retained all information on hard drive. Of course old drivers had to be uninstalled.
Thanks to all who posted suggestions


  fishmad pete 19:49 26 Jul 2009

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