Computer fails to fully boot up one time in five

  larios 08:43 03 Feb 2004

Windows Millennium. 4 Times out of ten no problem then the 5th time I get part of the screen drawn with the taskbar showing and the cursor showing which can be moved but the boot goes no further than that - the desktop items don't appear and the desktop stays blank.

Anyone any ideas?


  Diodorus Siculus 08:49 03 Feb 2004

Could be a conflict between two programs starting up; if one loads before the other, the one may block the other and cause a hang.

Try start, ron, msconfig and see what is there - you may be able to disable some of them that are unnecessary.

  mikesman 10:59 03 Feb 2004

Yes, have tried that the only items I don't understand one hundred per cent are the NAV entries for common clients or whatever and Internat.exe

  mikesman 11:00 03 Feb 2004

Are all the startup items which Norton puts in absolutely necessary?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:15 03 Feb 2004

Internat.exe - the little icon on the task bar that allows you to change keyboard languages.

Norton I am not sure of; it will depend on your own setup.

  mikesman 11:30 03 Feb 2004

I have the following NAV items loading at startup:
Symantec Tray
Symantec Core LC

I wonder if they are ALL neccesary?

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