computer is extremly slow

  eddie937 12:37 04 Jan 2006

my computer is really really slow when playing my favorite game counterstrike.
i have an AMD athlon xp 1800+
1.54 GHz, 768 MB of RAM
i am running windows XP sp2

i have just formatted my H/drive because it was so sloooow,
i have updated the drivers for gfx card, updated windows, updated everything that can be updated?
it is still slow. can anyone give me any advice as this is killing me.

  recap 12:43 04 Jan 2006

Do you have an onboard graphics card? If so this may be one reason why it is so slow.

  ACOLYTE 13:01 04 Jan 2006

Is it online play thats slow,or just play in general,one thing i would suggest is more ram,i know you have 768,but the game requires 256 min with xp, and after xp has loaded it may have used 300Mb of your initial ram to boot so with the 256 counterstrike needs,that only leaves you about 200Mb free for windows to run background tasks as well as other apps that may be using the ram.Try turning the graffix settings down ingame and the sound quailty, may speed things up.

  eddie937 14:38 04 Jan 2006

i dont think it can be RAM as it played well before. it all of a sudden just got really slow
i have also got a gforce 4 ti AGP so it has nothing to do with onboard graphicss.
thanks for the input so far.
anymore for anymore

  recap 14:52 04 Jan 2006

Does the game store any data in a DataFile anywhere. This may need clearing if so?

  eddie937 14:59 04 Jan 2006

i have reformatted my h/drive because of it becoming slow, i have put windows xp back on.
updated everthing. loaded counter strike source back on . updated that aswell, and it is still slow

  eddie937 08:19 05 Jan 2006

does anyone know where i can find a tool to test my gfx card

  eddie937 12:10 05 Jan 2006


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