Computer Ethics anyone?

  Sir Radfordin 15:55 24 Mar 2004

(FE feel free to remove if not considered suitable content!)

Anyone have any views on computer ethics or how computer professionals should deal with ethical issues that arise?

As a starting point I'll point you in the direction of a PDF file of a paper I am working on. It is fairly academic stuff and not bedtime reading.

All comments will be greatfully received.

PDF File: click here

  Belatucadrus 16:15 24 Mar 2004

I don't like Moor's approach, it implies that ethics are contextual and can be reformatted to suit any situation. I prefer the Maner view. But then again ethics are sociologically variable, it used to be ethical to throw Christians to the lions and even in this shrinking world of ours ethics aren't universal. Thus positing that ethics are by their nature subjective, I propose the Belatucadrus theorem " Whatever I suggest is definitively right and if the PC doesn't work exactly the way I want it to it's for the chop".

  recap 16:22 24 Mar 2004

Sorry Sir Radfordin, your link not work from my end.

I would like to read your paper because I have been asked to review and update some of the computer policies I have in place here at work.

  Sir Radfordin 16:43 24 Mar 2004

recap do you want to check again I may have been uploading a new version when you tried.

If not send me an email and I can send it back to you that way.

Belatucadrus, whilst I may like your view until you get it published and peer reviewed it counts for nowt :)

  Diemmess 17:06 24 Mar 2004

Not at all sure how to answer. The whole article seems miles away from reality.

As for the example, it is much easier for me to understand...... Two phrases I have heard over the years -(when very young) "Do as you would be done by" and much more recently "Declaration of Interest"

The first should make sense to anyone who relies on trust and hopes to develop a good relationship of any sort.

The second is a shade pompous and threatens those with something to hide with legal sanctions if they don't own up.

In the example, if the consultant declares an interest, it is then up to those that engage him whether they accept his advice.

The snag here is that it might just be better all round if nothing was said about having an interest, the consultant had immaculate judgement anyway, and everyone lived happily ever after!

  recap 17:12 24 Mar 2004

Sorry Sir Radfordin, still no good, it's telling me that I don't have the appropriate file association. Strange as I can open other pdf files.

  Sir Radfordin 17:14 24 Mar 2004

You final point is wha I try and bring out in the difference between addressing ethical issues from Maners view and that of Gotterbarn and the ACM Code of Conduct.

Taking Maners approach the consultant could be right to say nothing if they feel by doing so the 'best net result' is achieved. However the ACMs code says that this potential conflict should be declared.

I go on to talk about how Maners approch requires an understanding of 'right' and 'wrong' where a code of conduct goes someway to define what is 'right' and what is 'wrong' - which to me is a better way of doing it.

  Sir Radfordin 17:14 24 Mar 2004

recap - can you right click and save as PDF?

  recap 17:46 24 Mar 2004

Sorry Sir Radfordin, I don't get that far. Once download is complete and I select `Run` this is when the error message comes up.

It's strange, as I said, I can open other pdf's. I know because I have well over 2 dozen of them on this computer.

  Sir Radfordin 17:48 24 Mar 2004

Thats very odd. If you open up Acrobat first and then try doing File/Open does it work?

  recap 18:02 24 Mar 2004

Still nothing but, RealDownload is directing me to click here is this correct?

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