Computer doesn't shut down straight away: ccc.exe

  modsteve60s 13:04 25 Feb 2009

When I shut down my computer (Toshiba laptop,Vista), a message stating that ccc.exe is preventing computer from shutting down. Is this a major problem, it shuts down soon after on it's own.
I am so afraid of this computer recently. I recently had a Trojan on the computer. I reinstalled windows to factory settings which should (I was told by Toshiba) get rid of it. I run McAfee Total Protection,Malwarebytes and Windows Defender at least twice a day and it shows nothing. I have been ever so careful since, only going on McAfee approved sites (McAfee SiteAdvisor) I'm still reluctant to use my credit card on the machine as I feel something is hidden. When something like this appears I get nervous. Am I a victim of my paranoia?
Any advice would be most gratefully received.

  Marko797 13:16 25 Feb 2009

ATI grafs? CCC is normally related to Catalyst Control Centre. Googling found this click here

  modsteve60s 13:27 25 Feb 2009

There is a little icon at bottom left hand tray which says ATI in an orange box.

  Marko797 13:34 25 Feb 2009

just to confirm grafs, rt click My Computer, Manage, Devices, Display adapters, and it should provide you with the name of the grafs.

If it is an ATI grafs, then u might need to updated drivers or Catalyst Control Centre from their web site. click here

Download the relevant driver and let it 'run' once it's dloaded. Hopefully this might cure your problem. CCC doesn't appear to be virus connected, but understand any paranoia which you might have.

  modsteve60s 13:45 25 Feb 2009

Many thanks for your help!

  gazzaho 14:11 25 Feb 2009

Any process running on your machine you are unsure of you you can type in click here to see what it does. It will tell you what the process does and where it should reside on your system and also information on malware with similar names to genuine processes.

Concerning the restore to factory settings, that would have gotten rid of any malware. As long as you use the mentioned programs to check for malware and none is found you can be pretty sure you're protected, I say pretty sure because no one is 100% protected, unless you're not connected to the internet and don't use USB memory sticks, scanning twice a day is really overkill to be honest I scan once a week for viruses and whenever it suits me with Malwarebytes and SuperAntispyware.

If you're concerned with credit card transactions set up an account with PayPal or similar and use it. I also use the on screen keyboard when typing in important information like credit card numbers and bank passwords, a keylogger can't log what it can't detect.

When you have been infected by malware you can get a little paranoid about security, but you have appropriate protection installed just trust in it and get on with surfing.

  modsteve60s 14:24 25 Feb 2009

Thanks for that, I am really grateful. Silly question, what do you mean by an on screen keyboard when it comes to Paypal. I am a bit thick when it comes to computers.

  gazzaho 14:41 25 Feb 2009

Vista and XP have an on screen keyboards that can be used to type with instead of the keyboard, you click the mouse over the letters and they are transfered to the document.

Look for osk.exe, it's in C:\Windows\System32 right click the file and pin it to the start menu, when you click on Start/Vista orb you will see the entry for the keyboard. You may have to select setting then tick stay on top to keep it displayed over the form you're inputing text to.

  modsteve60s 14:46 25 Feb 2009

got it thanks using it to type this. clever ain't it, thanks very much for your help. it really has set my mind at rest.

  gazzaho 14:53 25 Feb 2009

No problem, glad to help.

  brundle 03:23 26 Feb 2009

Don't use the built-in on screen keyboard, it's not much more secure than typing things in. A third party alternative of some kind is a better bet - this one keeps the actual letters hidden (visually, and by not actually sending the keypresses to your browser) and you have to drag and drop the resulting concealed word into your webpage form; click here

Some useful info on the site as well as the software.

And this from Wikipedia click here which is not to be treated as an authority on anything but worth a look anyway...

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