Computer doesn't see Homeplug

  jimskopi 09:56 03 Apr 2011

I have a pair of Homeplug 200Mps Powerline adapters. I have Broadband and a Speedtouch ST585 v6 router. The router is connected to the main computer using Linksys wireless.
I have loaded the supplied software connected one device to the Speedtouch but the computer does not detect the Homeeplug.
According to instructions should be simple and straight forward have no idea where to go from here can anybody help.

  onthelimit1 10:01 03 Apr 2011

I have two homeplugs and plugged them in without installing any software. Worked straight away using ethernet cables. What computer are you trying to connect and how (as you say your main PC connects wirelessly to the router).

  jimskopi 10:17 03 Apr 2011

I have a fairly ancient Dell Optiplex GX520 "Home" computer to which the router is connected. The router connects to this computer using a wireless Linksys Rangeplus Wireless Network USB adapter. All this works fine around the ground floor so any wireless computer has good signal. I need a signal upstairs so homeplug is intended to extend to here. Unfortunately at the moment can't get beyond first base

  Jollyjohn 10:45 03 Apr 2011

Just to confirm set up.
Router - ethernet cable - Homeplug 1.

Initially I try them in the same room and the other end is
Homeplug2 - ethernet cable - computer.

Disable your wireless connection briefly and see if this works.

What are you planning to attach to the Homeplug when it goes upstairs?

  jimskopi 11:10 03 Apr 2011

Have tried disconnecting wireless connection to router but no effect unfortunately.
Have Router - ethernet - Homeplug have not connected any others as yet as its not the seeing the first one.
The plan is to use a laptop upstairs connected to a flat screen TV via HDMI cable to watch TV via the internet.
We already have a computer doing this downstairs but the wireless signal currently does not reach upstairs, had hoped Homeplug was the easy answer

  onthelimit1 11:59 03 Apr 2011

Hang on a sec, are you trying to connect wirelessly to the homeplug? If so, is the second homeplug a wireless one, as from your description it isn't?

  jimskopi 12:03 03 Apr 2011

No, the home plug is connected into the router using an ethernet cable, the router is connected to the computer by the Linksys wireless adapter. A second homeplug is available for upstairs which also will connect to a laptop via ethernet

  onthelimit1 13:03 03 Apr 2011

Ah, OK - that really should work 'out of the box'.

  wee eddie 13:29 03 Apr 2011

Router > PC > Home Plug > Home Plug > Laptop

  Jollyjohn 13:49 03 Apr 2011

The computer will not neccessarily see the first homeplug. If you connect the laptop to the other homeplug the laptop and computer should see each other.

  BT 17:26 03 Apr 2011

Don't know much about these but assuming they work via the ringmain, is the upstairs on the same ringmain as the downstairs, or doesn't this matter?

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