Computer display will not stay on, Power will ?.

  Giggle n' Bits 11:19 09 Jun 2003

helping a friend out, he has a Tiny with a MSI 6340 M/baord AMD Athlon 1.2GHz 100 FSB, WinME, GF2 32 MB AGP x1/x2x/x4 card.

You can boot the computer into WinMe, after about 2 mis from a cold boot the display goes off putting the Monitor into standby. The Computer is still on, but no control can be gained by using the Reset switch on the case. Also the HDD, and other DVD & CDwtr drives seems to be dormant.

I have tried my HDD and it does the same so its not the HDD, i unplugged the CDwtr and the problem still continues but this time I mangaged to get into the Device manager and found a Yellow exclamtation mark against "Programmable interupt controller"

1 thing tells me the Motherbaord is faulty another the 32MB GeForce 2 AGP card.

Has anyone seen or have any ideas on this probelm. I am on holiday and was hoping to sort it out quick, but its bugging me now.

  vinnyT 11:41 09 Jun 2003

Try the monitor on your pc, if that works fine you could, if you don't mind the hassle (after all it's not your pc), try his graphics card in your pc. If that works ok, then you have eliminated the card from the prob, so it is likely the mobo is at fault.

  pj123 12:33 09 Jun 2003

Have you tried. Start, Settings, Control Panel, Power Management and set everything to Never???

  Giggle n' Bits 22:43 09 Jun 2003

I have illuminated the HDD, DVD, CDwtr, Monitor, PSU & BIOS Settings all ok, cleared CMOS.

Just to try a compatible Graphics Card out when he can get one. could take weeks or days. Eh up my mobile's ringing and its him.

Hopefully it the GF 2 MX 32MB AGP card. Will let you know more and thinks for the call guys.

  wossie 00:37 10 Jun 2003

Just to throw a bit of light on the situation, I had a similar problem, and the monitor would "trip out" and the 'puter still ran, my refresh rate was set too high for the monitor (120Hz) droping to 85Hz cured it but check with your monitor OEM for settings. Hope this helps. Wossie.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:55 10 Jun 2003

thanks wossie, interesting tip. Should be put in Tip's n' Tricks for v6 even though its a rare occurance.

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