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  freddie911boot 17:36 09 Oct 2004

I have a desktop PC and I would like to connect it to my TV so that the display appears on the TV screen. I have an adapter which plugs into the small round connector on the graphics card which has a female phono socket on the other end of it but if I take a lead to the TV from this phono socket, nothing happens.

Any ideas and thank you in advance!

  DJ-Garry 18:07 09 Oct 2004

This sounds like a composite video connection from your PC. You must find the composite video in on your TV, not the ordinary UHf signal input. The socket should be a phono also usually coloured yellow and then you need to select the correct AV channel on your TV, usually repatedly pushing the AV button on your remote control.
Hope this helps, Garry.

  Dorsai 18:57 09 Oct 2004

But don't get your hopes up, in terms of picture quality.

A normal tv In PAL (The uk, NTSC is lower still) has a resolution of about 675 x 525.

Consider, a PC will run at 1024 x 768 on a 17" screen, and the tv may well be 21" if not more, but can't go past 675x525

The refresh rate is lower then for a PC monior, and the dot size higher.

Fine if you want to watch DVD's, but not so good for much else.

If all you want to so is watch a DVD, it's probably eisier to get a DVD player, not expensive these days. Plus it will give a remote controll. and you can surf while the rest of the house hold watch Shrek II, or whatever.


  €dstowe 06:47 10 Oct 2004

As Dorsai says.

To check, take a look at your TV at about the same distance you view your computer monitor from. All you will see is a vague blur. Imagine trying to read text the size of this on such a screen.

  goonerbill © ® 10:01 10 Oct 2004

what you need is a connector that the cable plugs into and then goes into a scart socket, it works ok as this is what came with my graphics card.

as the others have pointed out though, the tv will not be any good for running text based applications, only for DVD or GAMES.

the item you need is either the 1st or 3rd item on the page in the link ( 3rd item is what i have used )and if you hunt around the web for scart connectors you should find it cheaper and always go for the gold plated versions as they are far superior.

click here

  freddie911boot 19:49 10 Oct 2004

Thank you for your replies. After trying everything, I checked the Nvidia site and upgraded the card. This provides an adjustment facility for brightness, contrast, picture size etc on a TV screen. In their FAQ they had the solution. The monitor has to be turned OFF and the tv or Video turned on so that the graphics card knows that a signal is required.

My sons Midtown Madness looks amazing on our 40 inch screen!

Thank you!

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