computer is dead

  polo 18:29 17 Jun 2009

My wife's computer won't work any more. Suddenly it's decidedto go belly up! When I say it's dead it seems to have power in that the light is on the fan is going and it warms up but that's it. Nothing on the screen at all, and I've checked out the monitor which works elsewhere fine. It is about 4 years old and has XP home. I suppose there isn't something simple and obvious that i can do to get it going again?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:37 17 Jun 2009

Check the video card is seated firmly and try a different cable to the screen. Also check the connections to the HD.


  woodchip 20:09 17 Jun 2009

Sounds like the Power Supply as Died in other Words a new PSU is needed

  birdface 20:51 17 Jun 2009

Maybe check the air vents are clear of dust and fluff.If so inside will also need cleaning out.

  polo 22:23 19 Jun 2009

Many thanks for everyone's help. Could the PSU have gone if the light is still on and the fan is working? If it is the PSU I wouldn't know how to find it or do anything about it. There does not seem to be a build u of dust. I'll try a different lead, I've had trouble with monitor leads before.Anyone got any other thoughts?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:43 19 Jun 2009

remove refit videocard first as suggested earlier

Video card install
click here

It is possible for psu to fail and only allow enough power for fans and leds but if you can hear hard drive working on boot up the unlikely to be PSU.

  phono 22:44 19 Jun 2009

"Could the PSU have gone if the light is still on and the fan is working?"

It is quite possible for a PSU to be defective with lights and fans still running.

Replacing a PSU is not too difficult, there are instructions at click here but if you are not confident about going inside your computer get a PC repair shop to do it.

  Les28 07:44 20 Jun 2009

As well as other advice given, it's always worth checking out the ram memory, I had a similar problem a couple of years back, fans running etc but computer screen dead, no post failure beeps. In my case I had 2X1GB sticks of ram memory and one of them had failed.
If you've got more than one stick of ram, try booting up with only one stick of ram at any one time, if that doesn't work try with another stick, but only one at any one time and try in different ram slots if need be. It may not be the problem but it's an easy thing to check out yourself and worth eliminating as a possible cause.

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