Computer in a damp environment?

  Irishman 14:53 14 Aug 2004

I've got a query running in Consumerwatch at the moment click here and this question has to do with that. Basically I'm trying to get a computer for a local charity for their record keeping but I'm a bit worried about where it will be placed. The building they use is an old second world war RAF barracks and tends to get very cold and damp especially during the winter. Any advice about how to protect a computer in this sort of environment? I know a laptop would be the best solution but as it's going to have to be a donation they will have to work with whatever they get or rather I will as I'm probably going to be the one keeping it going!

  jonnytub 14:57 14 Aug 2004

all i can think of is filters, silica gel and big sealed bags when not in use, sorry ;-)

  woodchip 15:10 14 Aug 2004

Get it in a wooden cupboard, and just take the monitor out to use. Electronics and damp and not good bed mates

  jonnytub 15:13 14 Aug 2004

possibly line the insides of the cupboard with some kind of material that sucks up the damp??

  Irishman 15:16 14 Aug 2004

Thanks for those suggestions, unfortunately the cupboard idea is a non starter.They are so cramped for space even the toilet is used as a quarantine area!

  Irishman 15:19 14 Aug 2004

Its an animal welfare charity by the way. Just in case anyones wondering!

  Diemmess 15:24 14 Aug 2004

Assuming that while damp cold and clammy, there are no actual beads of moisture the set up shopuld be safe to use.

As Woodchip says it is far from ideal and by itself wooden cupboard may even absorb extra moisture during an "Off period"

Is it possible to arrange a small heater, even a 5 watt bulb in the cupboard when not in use, just to keep the contents slightly above room temperature?

If this is done, then obviously you will need to be sure not just of electrical safety, but also very sure that there is no possibility for heat build up to exceed say 20 - 25 C.

Another plea on Charity grounds would be for the sort of heater which lives inside a piano in many village halls to keep the "Joanna" from cold and damp problems.

  Diemmess 15:28 14 Aug 2004

Took so long to type the first reply, that it obviously is not your answer, but at discussion helps towards some sensible idea.

  woodchip 15:33 14 Aug 2004

Only other thing I can think of is, go to a Garden centre and By a big lump of bubble wrap and put that round it at night when not in use

  Audeal 15:49 14 Aug 2004

Would a small Parrafin heater help. I have one here which I think was used for keeping the car warm over night in the garage years ago before car heaters come out. It is old but still looks usable. I have had it about twenty years and never used it. You are welcome to it if you think it could help your problem. It is about 4.5 inches in diamiter and about 8 inches tall with a hook on the top.

  SEASHANTY 15:55 14 Aug 2004

Don't think naked flame is a good idea in unoccupied

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