computer crashing/freezing screen

  steve3040 18:12 28 Apr 2003

i am a complete novice and have a compaq deskpro p2 256ram,4gb hard drive running windows me.a few days ago 4 no apparant reason the screen froze and the only way i could restart my comp was 2 turn off the main power.(ctrl/alt/del) would not work.this has happened a few times now and there is obviously something wrong.the comp will now freeze if i try maintanance/disk scan.also my norton anti virus doesnt seem 2 b working plus other there any way i can get things back 2 normal or have i caused some sort of damage.i really dont no wat 2 do.please help if u can.

  bof:) 19:18 28 Apr 2003

Hi Steve3040,

you could try running 'Scandisk' and 'Defrag',in ME I think they can be found in Start>Programs>system tools.

If you run them, make sure any screen saver and virus checker you have is turned off first.

Also make sure your virus checker is uptodate and run it after Scandisk and Defrag. It is always a good idea to keep the virus checker uptodate.

Have you downloaded anything onto your PC before it started freezing? If so it could be this that is causing the problem. If possible uninstall it.

You also have an option of using the 'restore point' if all else fails. This again can be found in start>programs>system tools> restore point. It enables you to go back to a time when the PC was working properly.

This option has its 'problems' 1. it is not a fix as such. 2. you will loose any and all work etc that has been put on the PC since the restore date.

You may find that no restore points have been set or they have been set some time ago if you have not been making them be warned.


  sunnysingh 22:16 28 Apr 2003

run in safe mode - press f8 when window starts - select safe mode - run scan disk thorough and
DEFRAG in safe mode. System restore is a good utility - if u have xp - go back to a date when xp (if u have that o/s) to restore last working copy of your system.

Good idea to temp disable virus checker - and see if this is causing the error.

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