Computer Crashing problems

  Uri 12:12 16 Jun 2003

My HP (Athlon) has started to crash, sometimes after only 20 mins WPing. It seems to last a little longer on the net. It can take an hour or more for me to restart. The problem started shortly after I downloaded aol 8, and several microsoft updates. Maybe coincidence? Has anyone had similar experiences and any advice to offer, please.

  Gongoozler 14:42 16 Jun 2003

Hi Uri. If your computer takes a time to recover after the crash and switch-off before you can reboot, then it is most likely an overheating problem. This would most likely be the processor or hard drive. I think your downloads are a coincidence. The more likely trigger is probably the hot weather (assuming it is as hot where you are as it is here in mid Essex)

  Uri 20:00 16 Jun 2003

Thank you Gongoozler. Yep, maybe. It gets worse as the temp rises (or seems to)Grateful!

  Gongoozler 12:48 17 Jun 2003

Hi Uri. Check your processor fan is working properly. If the time before you can reboot is more than a few minutes, it is more likely to be the hard drive. You can fit a fan to blow directly on the hard drive, but it is not impossible that the drive itself is failing.

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