computer crashin packard bell

  luixi9 02:51 01 Jun 2007

I have a pretty big problem with my Packard Bell pentium 4 pc. 2weeks into buying it my windows media keeps crashing, i cant play songs from it or watch any dvds from it- screen freezes, cant command any instructions.
Since things have gotten worse, its not just my windows media that crashes but now my internet pages. I'll try to scroll down and the page wont then it wll crash and go all black, then come back on monitor and i'll have to refresh to get page back up correctly. It happens like every 10 mins.
It turns out my guarantee doesnt cover me either, i should have taken out some extra thing (says the guy in the shop). I called the store hotline and a technician said they could run some repair thing but if I had made a back up copy of my pc.
Problem is I dnt know what he's on about, tried getting several people to explain this to me, but I still dont get it. What is it Im meant to be backing up, is it my Norton? Smne said to use an external hardrive smne else said use a cd- which do i do? Could anyone please tell me what the back up copy thing is and how do i do it?
Thanks so much- this is doing my head in- ive saved for a pc that i now cant use and cant afford to call someone out. Hope there's a solution. Thankyou.

  skidzy 10:39 01 Jun 2007

Firstly i take it this pc is brand new,if so should carry a guarantee of a year at least.So send it back !!!

Backing up your data/settings is easy to do with something like Acronis TI 10 about £25.00 from Amazon delivered.This will create an image of everything on your harddrive,then save this image to discs or an external harddrive.

Though if you use Acronis,i doubt it will run properly with your system as it is at the moment.So for now,try and copy your data/photos etc to disc as backup.

Then we need to address the problems.

First thing to try:

Boot into safemode (tapping F8 onstartup) and use Last Known Good Configuration then boot into windows.
Or System Restore to a date the pc was working ok.

These two options are the first port of call when dealing with similar problems.

  luixi9 11:55 01 Jun 2007

Pc not brand new, its 3 months over guarantee, when was still in guarantee I returned it to store and was 'adviced' that only thing possible was to pay for a service check up as original guarantee doesnt cover an extra service.

So Ive bared this problem for well over a month now, but the screen freezing is the last straw. I need to be able to back up but can anyone explan how to do this? Surely I dnt need to spend £25 to do this. Once ive backed up I'll try a technical hotline (tried before but was told needed to make a back up of pc or i'd loose everything).

Skdzy: I'll try the f8 thing, though see were it gets me.

  Kate B 12:02 01 Jun 2007

I'd suggest booting into safe mode if you can and running scans with your up-to-date Norton plus the usual antispyware etc: A Squared, Windows Defender, Adaware, Spybot and Superantispyware. Chances are you've picked up something that's overloading the machine and causing it to lock up.

The other possibility is overheating. When it's on, are all the fans running? Are any of the vents blocked?

  acxxxx 02:49 04 Jun 2007

The first thing you need to do is, save everything you want from the hard drive, to a back up (I think tech support wants you to reformat and start again). Write to a C.D/DVD/ - or use an external USB hard drive like click here.

You say 'What is it I’m meant to be backing up' - basically everything on your computer you can’t replace if the worst comes to the worst - Photos of the kids, Emails, Word documents etc.

  arris 14:59 05 Jun 2007

This reminds me when I had a major problem with my Packard bell(ends) comp a while ago. It kept flashing a blank screen constantly and would keep crashing. I took it to PC World (although I prefer to say PC (to rhymes with Tank) and they said it would cost about 200 and odd quid for a new motherboard, cause the capacitors were leaking.

Anyway, I told them where they could stick their "where in the world--pc-world" b*****ks! And my eldest brother took a look at it. He bought some new capacitors for less than a tenner from some place that sold capacitors, and replaced the ones that were leaking, just as a last resort thing. It's bin good as new eversince.

The moral of that story is--stay the hell away from Packard Bell and PC World in future! Both are dodgy as fff(heck).

  acxxxx 02:29 07 Jun 2007

Guarantee or not. You have certain rights.

Computer unusable two weeks after you bought it is unacceptable.

Follow their advice on resolving the problem - but if this doesn’t work and if you haven’t done something major to cause this problem, return the computer and demand your money back.

  acxxxx 03:23 07 Jun 2007

Just read your second post

It's 3 months over guarantee?
How long have you had this computer?

  RicScott 14:02 18 Jun 2007

It doesn't really matter if you back up to an external HDD or CD, as long as the data is backed up somewhere other than your internal hard drive.

To run the recovery on these machines, providing you haven't created your recovery discs: As soon as you turn the PC on, keep tapping the F11 key.
Once loaded into the recovery options, choose the following: 'Recovery Program'<Next>, 'Complete Recovery'<Next>.

If you have CDs, just insert CD1 then restart your PC. The PC should then boot off your recovery CD.

If you call for technical advice, you will be referred to a premium rate line as you have no warranty.
If you get stuck, just post.

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