computer crashes playing red spider solitaire

  booner 18:51 14 Nov 2005

Hi all, i have a new computer,but have a problem every time i play red spider solitaire my computer crashes and starts to reboot,this happens about half an hour into the game.I have sent my computer back to the suppliers and after a bench test they can find nothing at fault with it.I am using window xp and the message i get reads something like this WINDOWS HAS RECOVERD FROM A SERIOUS FAULT,THE CONDITION OF WINDOWS OR HARD WARE IN USE,AND GO'S ON ABOUT THE IP ADDRESS OF THE COMPUTER.And this list of info:ERROR SIGNATURE BCODE:100000D1:BCP1:00000138 BCP2:000000002 BCP3:00000000 BCP4:F6FB3BF6 OSVER:5_1_2600 SP:2_0PRODUCT:768_1.ANY IDEAS ANYONE?Thanks.

  keewaa 19:19 14 Nov 2005

Could be many things, possibly a memory issue .... do you know how much RAM you have and how they are arranged in the slots?

The virutal memory should be set to a minimum @ 1.5 x RAM and a max at 3 x RAM .... if you have at least 256 of RAM then set the virtual memory to zero, restart the machine in safe mode, defragment and then set the virtual memory back to the figure above.

  smy13 20:07 14 Nov 2005


I would be interested if you can get this solved the same thing happened to me about 6 months ago and we've been unable to play spider since, We tried every thing to fix it but could not find any way to get it to work OK Good luck!!!

  pharte 21:01 14 Nov 2005

This may not be at all relevant but I had similar problems from day one with a new comp

It would run fine for varying amounts of time then just crash and reboot. Although the whole system was tested by the company I had bought it from there was no fault, It wasn't until over 2 years of putting up with it that for some reason I decided to increase my ram and bought two modules and replaced the original one and placed it to the last slot in the board.

There was instantly a difference in the machine and subsequent testing of the module showed it "gave up" if there was too much use put on it.

I would suggest taking the memory out and trying a swap in a friends comp or getting it tested. I'd be interested to know myself if this was / is the cause........also similar thing more recently with a dying hard drive which gave up if pushed too hard (was noisy and easy to pin down though).

  booner 22:18 14 Nov 2005

Hi keewaa, looks like i have 384 of ram,and will look into this as being the problem,although i am not putting much of a work load on my computer,as for the hard drive pharte i think i would be getting other things going wrong from else where,as the only problem i seem to be getting is with red spider.But as you also suggest it could be the ram,it might be worth investigating.

  booner 22:57 17 Nov 2005

Hi all, well the latest info is that i have a device driver error.But as yet i have not determined the problem.Might take some finding, if anyone has any help on this it would be welcome.Thanks.

  booner 22:02 10 Apr 2006

hi all it turned out to be a hard drive problem did not show its self till computer was about six months old and could hear the hard drive starting to make strange noises. had a new hard drive put in and has worked ok since.

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