computer crashed whilst burning, so had to hold the on off switch on pc tower- is this likely to damage the data as a result?

  theDarkness 00:53 24 May 2009

computer crashed whilst burning, so i had to hold the on off switch on the front of the pc tower to restart- is this likely to damage the data being burnt as a result?

I know the blank disc is now redundant, and the main way to ensure all my data is still there by simply checking it.. but i am wondering in general also, if a pc is switched off or restarted when burning if it could all be ruined?

My system crashed, but you could still hear the disc being burnt to, i had to restart as it did not want to stop long after 10 mins.. i have no idea what the cause of my pc crashes could be, i have not installed anything new, and it is not connected to the net. I dont think the crash is net related, as it has done so recently whilst not burning, and infrequent enough for me not to worry about it, until now. I am just trying to find out about the possibility of lost data. I restarted my pc manually whilst the pc froze, the keyboard would not work when it froze, and what was on screen also got stuck, eg the burning programs percentage bar was no longer moving, despite the disc whirring.
Strangely when i restarted my system did not give me a warning message, eg perhaps telling me if i had recovered from serious error.

I dont know where to begin with trying to find out what is causing these fairly infrequent crashes either.

  lotvic 01:11 24 May 2009

Try Event Viewer for errors
Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools> Component Services > Event Viewer

  theDarkness 03:06 24 May 2009

thanks, i always forget to use it, i will try it out 2mrrw, as have switched system off for now, hopefully the original files that were being copied to disc are still ok, on the hard drive. When my system freezes like this, the keyboard lights go off, and nothing moves on screen at all. I would have thought the disc burning process would also have stopped, but it just kept going! Slightly odd, but thats computers for you. Or perhaps just mine :( lol. Its definately not a drive fault, looking back i think the last thing i installed was a firewall, and one or two graphic design progs. Could a firewall cause a system crash when i am not online, not letting me use specific progs to their fullest, eg a cd burner, if i had poor firewall settings for example, if anyone knows?
Hopefully the event viewer can be specific as to what happened-ill guess if no files were damaged then nothing will show up, unless it still gives note of an actual general 'crash'.


  Technotiger 09:55 24 May 2009

I think it is pretty unlikely that the original file on your hard drive will have been affected. Your first priority though, is to check out what is causing the crashes.

How old is the PC? When did it last have a good bit of housekeeping done on it, like clearing out any dust and fluff inside the case - overheating being the first thing to check.

  theDarkness 12:19 24 May 2009

Inside the tower there is not alot of dust, although will try and get something to blow out what is there. No visible dust on the circuit board. According to a trial of hddlife my hd stays around the 30 C mark, will most likely go up, but its very slow. It definately didnt exceed 40 yesterday, health status always ok. I cannot find errors at the specific time of burning using component services, around the time of the crash it mentions "cd rom service entered the stopped state" and nothing else. Looking at previous errors just an hour or two before burning, i have "adaware service failed to start" when i dont even have it installed. Other errors prior to the crash are IP or proxy related. I sometimes use my pc to connect to the internet via mobile phone. Perhaps that has something to do with them, although not sure why as the internet does work when using my mobile. I dont think any of that will be related to the crash as it is at least one hour before.

Since starting up today, it lists 6 errors in component services. One is adaware which i dont think i have ever installed. 3 others are DNS proxy agent failed to start. The other 2 which did not start are a string which im not going to copy down as its just a long list of numbers letters for a service im not sure what programs use, and a brgpmgt5srin service. No idea what the last one might be for. They all seem to have not started as the directory path is likely to be incorrect.. for most of these errors, im not sure if any may be common or not on the average pc.

  woodchip 13:30 24 May 2009

After any crash, you should run disc checker

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