computer crashed anything I can do?

  mrtoyboxcouk 11:55 08 Aug 2009

One of my sons friends was playing on a 7 year old packard bell running xp. When I tried to start it next it showed the black recovery page and when I tried to start it as normal it just came up with the blue screen error:
stop: 0x00000024 (0x00190203,0x82A64156,0xc0000102,0x00000000)
After trying to recover from last good point reboot and all the other options I went into the advanced bios setup and altered the first button about viruses.
Now it just sticks on the grey screen with the f2,f8 options but no key seems to work.
Don't have any kind of boot disc or even the original xp disc.
Any ideas?

  MAT ALAN 12:37 08 Aug 2009

It's a file system error of some kind,you could borrow a disc to try a repair from the recovery console...

  PalaeoBill 12:43 08 Aug 2009

Are you using a PS2 or USB keyboard? If USB you may have lost USB support when you changed the BIOS setting (Just changing the virus warning option is unlikely to prevent booting but you may have inadvertently made other the changes). Try plugging a PS2 keyboard in.

As to boot CD's, you can download all that you need and create one or just borrow one from a friend so long as its the same version.
click here
Then do a repair install.

You will probably need the XP licence number which should be on a sticker on the case of your Packard Bell.

  mrtoyboxcouk 12:45 08 Aug 2009

After reading other posts I opened the computer up and dusted everything down (really dusty) also replaced the computer motherboard battery with one from my car remote.
It is now back to the same problem loading normally to the point the xp logo comes up then a few seconds later coming up with the stop error.
Tried the recovery console which loads the white bar up the says please wait - and still says please wait.
Guess I need a copy of xp to recover! Am I right?

  GaT7 13:04 08 Aug 2009

"Guess I need a copy of xp to recover! Am I right?" - Yes, Home/Pro according to the version you have installed. Don't try a Home version if your version is Pro, & vice-versa.

Similar problem here, with a few other things to try:
click here. G

  MAT ALAN 13:05 08 Aug 2009

If the repair does not work you may need to do a clean reinstall of O/S either way you WILL need a copy of your O/S and as PalaeoBill suggests you may need your "licence key"

  mrtoyboxcouk 15:49 08 Aug 2009

Believe the licence key is on the sticker on the side of the harddrive. Will do a search on the internet to see if windows can give me a copy on the strengh of this.

  MAT ALAN 15:52 08 Aug 2009

Will do a search on the internet to see if windows can give me a copy on the strengh of this.

Pointless, they will NOT, simpler just to borrow one...

  PalaeoBill 16:00 08 Aug 2009

Just a word of caution, not all XP Home or XP Pro versions are equal. The OEM versions are different from the Full versions and as I have found to my cost in the past there is more than one OEM version. If you borrow a copy from a friend you will need the correct one. That is why I suggested downloading a boot CD image from Bart's website. It cleverly sorts all that out. I have been there and done it so I can recommend it.

  tullie 16:04 08 Aug 2009

Your license key is on the computer case,not the hard drive

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:30 08 Aug 2009

make a ntfs boot disk with NTFS4DOS (freeware). You can download it from click here You will need a floppy disk.

After you load the bootable floppy disk onto your damaged system, select either option one (1) or option three (3). If you selected option one (1), type chkdsk /r at the command prompt, and your problem should go away after the disk has been repaired.

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