Computer Crashed

  phildux 07:28 07 Oct 2005

my computer crashed and everything has gone. tried to reinstall windows xp pro but when i get to this part "Now as we are installing Windows XP Pro Edition Press Enter", when i press enter it says that it can not continue and press f3 to exit, anybody have any suggestions.

  phildux 09:16 07 Oct 2005

missed the bit about no drive disk device found

  gudgulf 09:54 07 Oct 2005

If you boot the pc into BIOS does the hard drive show up there?

I'm wondering if the hard drive has failed.

What exactly happened when the pc crashed?

Can you remove the hard drive and put it into another pc?.....see if that can read the data on the drive.If it can you could recover any data you need before continuing to reinstall Windows.If not then you need a new drive.

  phildux 10:13 07 Oct 2005

if i need a new hard drive, i have my xp pro disk but thats all, would i need anything else i.e boot up disk if so where will i get that from. i started up the computer and the screen went blue and would not do anything at alli tried to restart it about 10 times but got nothing.

  gudgulf 10:21 07 Oct 2005

You will need drivers for the motherboard/sound/graphics, but you will need those to reinstall on the old drive too.

  phildux 10:52 07 Oct 2005

do you think the old hard drive is u.s then. will i need some kind of boot up disk? or just put new hard drive in then my windows xp disk. the other drivers can these be added after i.e motherboard sound and graphics

  gudgulf 11:11 07 Oct 2005

It's possible that the hard drive is dead yes.....but that is by no means certain.

That's why I suggested putting it in another machine to see if that can read it.

If your XPpro is a full Windows disc then there are other things to try.

You could use the disc to boot the computer and use the recovery console to rebuild the boot sector of your drive click here

That might even get you back into worth a try.

If you do want to simply replace the drive then all the formatting and installation is done via booting from the Windows cd (Assuming it is a full Windows disc and not a recovery disc from a pc manufacturer).To get hold of the drivers for the motherboard you will need to know the make and model.Same goes for the soundcard and graphics.It would be best to have all the drivers to hand before you start to makes life easier.

  phildux 11:50 07 Oct 2005

yes its a full disc

  phildux 13:04 07 Oct 2005

install new hard drive 1st then install xp and then install drivers is that correct

  gudgulf 13:21 07 Oct 2005

Yes that is correct.......but do check the old drive/try the bootsector fix first.

  phildux 15:28 07 Oct 2005

will it be a case of taking it all apart to get make and model numbers to be able to get the drivers?

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