Computer crash

  birdface 21:57 03 Dec 2006

Sons Computer crashed while trying to download free One Care program from Microsoft, Now when you boot up it starts in safe mode, If you try last good configuration it looks as though it is going to start, But then stops and wont go any further,,Same with safe mode starts to go through the process and then just stops, So the problem is it wont start at all, He only has floppy repair or format disc, But nothing happens when it is installed, It still tries to start in safe mode. I have a windows XP disc that can be used, He did say Pressing F2 lets him enter somewhere, I take it it is the Bios, He runs Windows Home Edition .Anyone got any ideas,Try and keep it simple if you can, A bit thick this end.

  Trackrat 22:05 03 Dec 2006

Enter the BIOS that is usually done by pressing the delete or F2 key, and change first boot to the CD or DVD rom.
when you first boot up it should tell you what your BIOS name is, ie (Pheonix or award), if you can post the type of BIOS, then you can get step by step instructions.

  birdface 22:12 03 Dec 2006

Hi thanks for that,But we live a bit apart so would be A bit awkward.Will probably be to-morrow before I see him again, Pitty I never had a little laptop,would have made it easier

  birdface 16:34 04 Dec 2006

Argh,Got into Bios,Changed it to DVD,Decided to do Re-Format, Everything goes well till I get message,We will change resolution on your Monitor, Pressed ok. Then just get hit with a black screen,Have to switch off computer, When I switch back on, box comes up Wanting Username and Password, It did say Administrator at the top, Tried re-format 3 times ,Same problem, Could it be a Monitor problem that son has,Dont know if its my sons old Username and password they want, Or whether they have given me new one ,But could not see it when screen went black,Anyhow son has not used Password or username for about 3 years, And cant remember it, Any way of getting round it. Trid switching box of that said Change screen resolution, But another box pops up and says If you can read this press ok, So Black screen again.

I am currently trying out NOD32 anti-virus as I have found AVG a bit suspect.
What do you all think which is best?

  skidzy 17:25 04 Dec 2006

Hi buteman

This should help you get past the password word problem click here

Probably best to print this out,its easier to follow than trying to explain.

  birdface 18:30 04 Dec 2006

All that done was give me a headache, Did not know what one I was supposed to follow,Cant Accsess computer at all,,Just when I press start button,Box appears wanting username and password,That is as far as I get,Re formated computer 3 times , Always end up with the same problem, Must be a problem with computer to have made it crash in the first place,Any idea what it might be,It got as far as checking all the files at start up, Tried hard to start , welcome to windows came up then screen just went black, And that is as far as it got,

  skidzy 18:47 04 Dec 2006

Has it got a graphics card installed,if so maybe take this out and use the onboard graphics.

  birdface 18:52 04 Dec 2006

Ok, will have a look when I go down, thanks

  birdface 22:38 04 Dec 2006

Ok Everyone that helped Finally got re-format done,It was a problem with the screen resolution, Everything ok now , Many Thanks to all involved.

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