novis 10:52 11 Jan 2007


How do I connect a laptop and a PC together - and does it matter that PC is running Windows XP and the laptop Win 98?

What sort of connector do I use - do I need software or is in preinstalled with Windows XP?



  Technotiger 11:11 11 Jan 2007

Hi, ideally via wireless. You would need a PCI Ethernet card in the desktop pc, connected by wire to a modem router, and a Wireless LAN Cardbus PC Card slotted into your laptop (though your laptop might already have this built-in:- though probably unlikely if it only has Win 98).

  novis 11:18 11 Jan 2007


I'm definitely going to need a connector - is there a double male USB 2 connector available?


  Technotiger 11:20 11 Jan 2007

I assume you mean a usb hub - several to choose from here ..

click here

  main identity 11:21 11 Jan 2007

in other word if you have two ethernet ports one in each machine you will need one of these.

[img]click here[/img]

  Technotiger 11:22 11 Jan 2007

ps - but you dont need usb to connect items I have described above. The necessary cable is supplied with the modem/router, it is called an Ethernet cable.

  Chris the Ancient 11:23 11 Jan 2007

If both computers have an ethernet port (working), you can do it with a standard rj45 CROSS-OVER cable connecting the two machines and then run the network setup wizard from the XP machine.

  Chris the Ancient 11:24 11 Jan 2007 you all get your answers in quicker than me? ;o))

  Technotiger 11:25 11 Jan 2007

pps - in my described setup, one ethernet cable connects modem/router to pci ethernet card in pc. Laptop is connected Wirelessly via Router, to LAN card slotted into laptop.

  novis 11:31 11 Jan 2007


Little did I realise that it would all be (sound?) so complicated. All I want to do is copy over files from one to the other not set up a network. I'm not quite at the level of knowing what an ethernet connector is (I asssume it's a £10 word for 'wireless').

Yes a CD transfer would eb simpler but there are reasons I'm having problems with that.

Maybe there isnt a simple answer.


  Gongoozler 11:31 11 Jan 2007

novis, wired connection via ethernet cable is by far the cheapest, and if both computers are equipped with ethernet, sometimes referred to as 10/100 LAN, then all you ned is the crossover cable referred to earlier. Wireless is much more convenient, but also much more expensive.

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