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  amrcomercio 18:19 05 Dec 2006


Im new to the forum so if I am not supposed to post here then please let me know.. (My apologies in case)
I run a local computer company we sell computer desktops and laptops. We are quite popular in Liverpool and surrounding areas so we decided to have our web site redesigned with the hope that we could increase sales. We have only had about 200 visitors to our site and we have made a few sales but we have never really tested the site with users that are actually familiar with computer hardware and compute sites in general so I thought I would join this forum to get some help.
If anyone has any suggestions/recommendations about the layout of our site or indeed our product range or prices or anything that could help us I would greatly appreciate it.
Of course I would be happy to return the favour.

Site : click here


  Jackcoms 18:26 05 Dec 2006

This might be better in the Webdesign Forum.

But, my first reaction is that by providing a link to your site, your post might be construed as advertising - which the Forum rules do not permit.

  Greengage 18:39 05 Dec 2006

Just reading the summary covering the quality of your products under "Laptops", there are at least three spelling mistakes. This might not be the type of suggestions/recommendations that you are looking for but I would not buy anything from a site with such errors. It would make me think straightaway that I was purchasing from abroad.

  amrcomercio 18:47 05 Dec 2006

jackcoms.... sorry we are not advertising, I am sincerely after help to improve a new site with people who often visit computer sites... If you would like me to remove the link I will do so, then people can ask me for the link but I cant see me getting much help if people cant visit the site straight away.
Anyway.. Greengage thanks that is exactly what I am looking for... if you tell me the page url or name I will fix it now... Thanks for your help and to the others that have emailed me already.
Good forum and nice people, thanks.

If you spot any more errors please tell me, my brother and I will keep going through the site now.


  €dstowe 18:56 05 Dec 2006

A quick glance at you site makes me think straight away that you should replace the word "cheap" with something else - such as "low cost".

"Cheap" to most people is associated with "and nasty" and you may do better business if this wasn't made so apparent.

  Meshuga 19:13 05 Dec 2006

amrcomercio, you say that you are not advertising. As a commercial enterprise, which the rules of this forum do not allow, how else would you describe it except advertising.

  harps1h 19:29 05 Dec 2006

i would politely suggest that this is subliminal advertising, however go click here to test your page for various errors. there are other protocols to observe when designing a page click here perhpas you should read these then leave your page to advertise

  amrcomercio 19:45 05 Dec 2006

Im starting to think that there are a few skeptical minds here. I am sorry if I have offended you but I am seriously not advertising. I am sorry I asked for help now...
Anyway thank you very much to those who have helped and thanks for those 2 links.

  Forum Editor 22:58 05 Dec 2006

of making your request for advice into a covert advertisement, so let's press on with the help aspect.

My immediate reaction to your site is that you're providing far too much information - the site is quite daunting in its complexity. You have far too many links in your navigation bar, and your pages are crammed with text. The overall result is a site that tends to discourage the casual browser, and it's the casual browser you want - people who are determined to find a computer will flog their way through almost anything. You want the 'maybe I'll buy a computer, maybe I won't' visitors, and to hold them you'll need to rethink the layout and presentation in a major way.

Try to imagine that your website is a department store, it's laid out in floors, and each floor has sections with more than one type of product amnd/or service. On your homepage you want a navigation button to each floor - 'Laptops' 'Desktops' 'About us' 'Services' 'Contact us'

Then, on the Desktops page for instance, you can have buttons for 'Business users' 'Home computers'
Click on 'Business users' and you get a page with information about your business machines.

Design the navigation so people can drill down to the product or service they want, without presenting them with a mass of links on the homepage, forcing them to make a decision right there and then. At the moment the list is intimidating, and lots of people just won't bother. Get a piece of paper and draw the navigation system like a family tree, showing main section pages under the home page, and other 'child' pages under the sections.

Next, think about your text - is there a way you can say what you want to say, but in fewer words? It's an art, and you will find it hard, but persevere, or get someone who writes for a living to do it for you - it will be worth the cost of engaging a writer to do the whole thing if you're not comfortable with it. Your text contains lots of minor grammatical and punctuation errors, and there are syntax problems, too.

Then think about images. It's quite astonishing to see how a few carefully chosen images can transform a relatively dull site into something appealing, and initially people 'buy' into a web site with their eyes. Place images into your text, breaking it up into smaller, easy-to-read sections - people find pages like that far easier to read, and there's less stress associated with the process. You want your visitors to concentrate on your products and services, what you don't want is to create tension, even before they start.

Your homepage is where you showcase your business to the world, so take special care over it - dress it as you would a shop window, so that people are encouraged to come in. A homepage should function as both a showcase and an 'ident' - telling people what you do and what you sell, but doing so in few words - you don't want masses of text there. If you ever get hold of a reprint of an old newspaper - one that was published around the beginning of the twentieth century you'll see a front-page that consists almost entirely of slabs of text. It must have been hard-going for readers of the day. Contrast that with a modern daily newspaper and you'll see what you need to do to sell yourself - careful layout, with images that draw the reader in.

That's enough to be going on with.

  PurplePenny 23:04 05 Dec 2006

It is OK to post a commercial site in the context of a request for site appraisal or design/coding help here on the Webdesign forum so don't worry. We get a lot of commercial sites needing help so you are not alone!

I agree with €dstowe about "cheap". It really doesn't do anything to sell the laptops. Maybe "affordable"? (Actually I like €dstowe's suggestion of "low cost" better.)

I notice in your code that you don't have any heading tags. There should be an H1 on each page which reflects the name of the page (sometimes h1 is used for the name of the site and h2 for the name of the page). Missing out the heading tags is bad for search engines and for accessibility (how a disabled visitor uses your site).

I've just run a Silktide Sitescore report on your site and it has found several things that might be stopping visitors from finding you (e.g. page titles the same, lack of accessibility, redirects). You can run the test for yourself to see these:
click here
(Don't get too frightened by its stern warnings of being against the law! You do need to work on the some of accessibility problems that it throws up but you aren't going to have the law down on you whilst you do it!)

  PurplePenny 23:06 05 Dec 2006

I've done it again! FE and fourm member type faster than I do :-(

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