computer closing down (XP)

  kissag 21:22 02 Jan 2004

recently computer would not boot up properly, but when booted up it closes down after a few minutes, then unable to boot again, have to keep pressing the switch on the front panel, eventually it will boot up, engineer initially diagnosed faulty switch but this is not the problem, any ideas? running XP

  goonerbill 21:37 02 Jan 2004

sounds as if something is getting to hot and the system is closing down or the psu is not supplying enough power.

what cpu do you have and what output rating is the psu and other items your pc is running ie: hard drive sound card etc.

  Help! :D 21:51 02 Jan 2004

or, near you CPU there is a coloured switch that releases the CPU, if that is loose the computer can switch on and off.If you dare to do it your self, then you will need to take the heat sink off. I had the same problem with my old one. Dell computer then fixed it, they said it is caused by the computer being moved normally on delivery.


  kissag 22:03 02 Jan 2004

CPU P4 1.8, located correctly, RAID board, 512 mb RAM, PSU 300 watts, not getting hot, 2 X 40 gb HDD, only happened recently, I had a few virus's which I quarantined, don't know if that had anything to do with this. I have ordered a new case with 350 watt PSU, when this comes it will have a rebuild and new 120 gb HDD.

  Help! :D 21:23 03 Jan 2004

yea, thats your best bet. i dont think that if somethink is in quarantine it can affect it. have you tryed starting up in safe mode?

  Big Elf 21:28 03 Jan 2004

Why don't you think the switch that the engineer suggested was faulty is not faulty?

Do you get any error messages before it shuts down?

Are you getting a message mentioning Remote Procedure Call error?

  Big Elf 21:32 03 Jan 2004

Should have been 'Why do you think...'

  kissag 21:46 03 Jan 2004

Tested switch OK, shorted out, still does not start, first thing in morning turn on......... starts, 5 mins later shuts down with no warning, takes ages by continuously pressing the switch to start again, maybe shuts down once or twice more, then stays on all day no trouble.

After re-start, no errors, no info about being closed down prematurely.

In safe mode problem the same.

When the parts finally arrive from ebuyer the comnputer will be rebuilt, then I hope the problem is sorted.

Thanks for your input anyway guys.

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