Computer clock problem

  Andsome 08:50 04 Apr 2007

I noticed that my computer clock is one hour fast. I tried correcting this with the Internet clock but I get a message that an error occurred and the time could not be adjusted. I can correct the time by removing the tick in the box that says 'automatically adjust for daylight saving changes', but surely this is not right? I Googled and found the number of the patch issued by MS to reset American computers due to changes in their daylight saving hours. It is KB931836-X86-ENU.exe. I found that this is installed so I have uninstalled it, but the clock is still wrong unless I remove the daylight saving box tick. With or without the patch, the Internet time adjustment will no longer work. Anyone else had a problem?

  BurrWalnut 09:23 04 Apr 2007

There is a bug but I corrected it by typing into the Internet Time Tab.

  Diemmess 09:26 04 Apr 2007

Are you sure you have the time zone correct?
Try > control panel > Date and Time >

  Diemmess 09:28 04 Apr 2007

Time Zone, should be GMT (i.e. if you are living in UK)

  Andsome 09:48 04 Apr 2007

Time zone is exactly as it has always been, Greenwich mean time:Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London.

I have tried typing into the Internet time setting and it works, many thanks for that. the usual two adresses for Internet clock are not working.

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