Sherwood 22:30 26 Aug 2006

My 6 year old PC's clock is losing time. Previous answers have said ti is the CMOS battery. But it did not lose any time last night when I had it switched off. It has lost 6 minutes today, although it has been on all day (with power).
Any ideas?
Is it a virus? I have scanned for viruses, but found none.

  greenlamp 22:40 26 Aug 2006

If the cmos battery is six years old then it probably needs changing, if you do this before it fails completely then you should keep all your existing settings, let it run down completely and you will need to reset some of the settings [do you know what the complete setup is]. First sign of battery failure is often time inconsistency so a battery change [they only cost a pound or so] is a good [and relatively easy] place to start to prevent future grief.

  ed-0 22:43 26 Aug 2006

is this the third or fourth post about this? Each post has advised you to get a new battery, for a couple of pounds, have you tried that yet?

  Input Overload 22:47 26 Aug 2006

click here Will allow you to change the interval XP adjusts it's clock, for instance from weekly to daily.

  rdave13 22:58 26 Aug 2006

If you believe that the cmos battery is ok then try>>start>>control panel>>date,time languages and regional options>>"change date and time">>time zone tab>>click down arrow and pick (GMT) Greenwhich Mean Time : Dublin...etc>> and click apply. Click ok.

Click "change the date and time" option again and click "internet time " tab. Make sure "" is in the server field and click update now tab. If it fails then click "update now" tab untill it connects. Close all windows. If this fails then it's your battery on the way out I think.

  woodchip 22:59 26 Aug 2006

Don't tell me When You do not use your computer You remove the wall plug. That means that you need to replace the CMOS Motherboard Battery. When on Mains it does not lose time, as it uses the mains power to keep time

  woodchip 23:01 26 Aug 2006

PS it uses Mains power even when the computer is switched off, as power is still at the motherboard. The CMOS battery lasts longer if the Wall plug is left in and switched on

  ed-0 23:16 26 Aug 2006

liked your sultry shot over woodhead.

totally agree with you. click here

  woodchip 23:20 26 Aug 2006

Hi there ed-0. Yes I just looked at that when it went to the top. It's obvious that the Computer is switched off at night

  Sherwood 23:39 26 Aug 2006

Thanks for your help.
I know that I should replace the CMOS battery, but this computer is ancient and slow. I plan to replace it. It is just that I have some work that I must finish urgently before I will have time to set up a new machine.
I will leave the power on overnight.

  DieSse 01:09 27 Aug 2006

Clock loses time when computer switched off - battery problem.

Clock loses time when computer running - software issue.

When the system is running, the Operating System keeps the time, not the battery or any other part of the hardware.

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