Computer clock losing time.

  Farleyjim 09:03 15 Jan 2005

This week I noticed that my computer was 4 minutes slow. I reset the clock and when I returned the next day it was 1 minute slow. The "obvious" reason was the battery so I put a new one in and rest the time. I returned a day later and the clock was 1 minute slow again, but worse than that, was that within two minutes of booting up the clock was again 4 minutes slow. It hasn't got any worse that 4 minutes slow in the last hour. Any ideas? Thanks.

  matt1234 09:12 15 Jan 2005

i assume your os is xp!!!
double click on the clock make sure its the right time zone, click internet time tick the box "automaticly sychronise time with an internet time server" click update now.

if it sets it to the right time so be it. if it doesnt do anything its just the clock your comparing it with is slow!!!

  €dstowe 09:23 15 Jan 2005

Remember that the prime purpose of the computer clock is to provide a standard (fixed) signal frequency to enable the other computer operations to take place.

Telling you the time of day has nothing with its real function, it's just an add-on for your convenience.

As long as the frequency is fixed, which it must be as it is most likely crystal controlled, your computer should operate corectly with this.

One of my machines loses six minutes every day, has done from new but, it still works perfectly OK.

  Blazon82 09:33 15 Jan 2005

Try DS Clock, sorry, not sure how you put click here in a message.
click here=

  Blazon82 09:34 15 Jan 2005

Well I found the answer to how to put click here in a message

  Farleyjim 10:23 15 Jan 2005

I am running XP and have already done the internet time sync so if this is not a forecast of evil things to come, then I'll put up with it but it is strange since this present computer has behaved perfectly since new in March 2004. Thanks everyone.

  jakimo 15:53 15 Jan 2005

Install Tech-Pro atomic clock(small file)it will correct the time every time you log on

click here

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