Computer case on or off

  AlexPB 10:07 17 May 2007

Hey there,

Im debaiting whether to permanently leave one side of my PC case off. Would this benefit the PC in any way or would it cause problems.

Any oppinions please


  MAJ 10:10 17 May 2007

Why would you want to, it could be detrimental to your PC's health if you dropped anything in there. Are you having overheating problems?

  AlexPB 10:17 17 May 2007

No, no problems just wondered if it would help cool it or anything.

  Phil01 10:23 17 May 2007

in my view to help cool it, it would be better to add/or get better fans for it, leaving the case of would allow dust and other nasty bits to get in and damage your pc

  MAJ 10:33 17 May 2007

Yes it would keep it cooler, but for obvious reasons, it's dangerous to leave the side off, if you aren't having overheating problems (which can be overcome in safer ways as already stated), leave the side in place.

  Snec 10:54 17 May 2007

No, leaving the side off would not necessarily make your rig cooler, in fact it could make it run hotter.

It's all about air-flow, that is having the air moving through your case the way the manufacturer designed it. Changing the course of this air-flow is not to be recommended.

  wee eddie 11:54 17 May 2007

Bad news.

The fans are designed to force air across the fins of the Coolers.

No side - No airflow. Just convection

  [email protected] 12:15 17 May 2007

god it took me months to get my pc cool! this is what i picked up:
side off: evrything with a fan on may run slightly cooler, everything passisively cooled and the mobo run a shade hotter. it's all about getting the air flow correct, i upgraded a cheap prefab hp machine, i had just drop the bits in this is the temps
cpu idle 50c load 64c (5200x2)
graphics idle 66c load 82c max (8800gtx)
motherboard 41c
psu 37c

it's now:
cpu idle 16c load 21c
graphics idle 53c load 62c
mobo 34c
psu 35c

this has been done by mainly airflow and an akasa cpu cooler as the amd ones poor
change all ribbon cables to round if poss, if not lie flat. fit a modular psu if not tuck as much cables as poss under the mobo etc.
heat rises so the best airflow for my system was cool in at the front bottom of case, hot out rear top of case, this should cool everything.
i have no inward fans 1 at rear just under the psu.
the 8800 graphics standard cooler is right up there as possibly the worse idea i have seen, the card sits at the bottom of the case sucking air in and blowing it accross the card and out the back of the case, but for some reason they hav put slots at the bottom of the cowl so most of the hot air comes back into the case sucked straight back into the cooler! i remedied this with a £3 akasa exhaust fan right at the bottom of my case this sits under the vents for the graphics card and blasts the hot ait out of the case and in doing this sucks lovely cool air in from the front.
hope this helps sorry if a lttle long winded

  Jak_1 12:39 17 May 2007

Leave the side on, the fans are designed to work more efficiently in an enclosed box using the vents.

  Technotiger 12:42 17 May 2007

I agree with wee eddie and Jak_1 ...

  Stuartli 14:10 17 May 2007

These links will help you:

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