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  warlord12345 23:43 29 Oct 2007

ive searched the web for a reliable computer selling site where i can customize a computer to fit my gaming obsesed needs -0.0-

anyway the best site ive came across is cougar extreme for their price and feedback on the most stuff.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 Ghz 8Mb Cach
4Gb Corsair Memory DDR 800
300GB SATA Hard Drive
Colors 550Watt Silent Upgrade PSU
640Mb Nvidia 8800GTS graphics card DX10
QC - Gigabyte GA-N650SLI-DS4 1333fsb-DDR800x4 SLI (Dual graphics)
18X DVD+/-RW (Samsung)
Creative Sound Blaster Live 7.1 Sound Card
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premiem

All for £816 free delivery

Okay i have 5 questions

1. first of all am i getting my moneys worth?
2. 2.4Ghz quad core or 3.0Ghz Duo core?
3. is this ram DDR2 since it only says 4Gb Corsair Memory DDR 800?
4. can you please check that what i have picked will all fit together okay?
5. cougar extreme is reliable and helpful?

  The Kestrel 11:02 30 Oct 2007

Cougar are an excellent company to deal with, both for quality and service. If you are concerned about compatibility of your components, give then a ring. They are very knowledgable and will talk you through your suggested system.

  keef66 13:33 30 Oct 2007

DDR800 is DDR2

Never heard of Colors as a psu brand; do they offer anything by Coolermaster, Thermaltake, Antec?

  warlord12345 16:21 30 Oct 2007

yeh there are coolmaster and thermaltake i think just id have to pay a little more and im not sure if they are as silent as the one i have currently choosen atm

but i still want to know if i am definatly getting my moneys worth but thanks for the help so far

  warlord12345 16:24 30 Oct 2007

oh and the processor problem, they are both the same price so im not sure which to get

  keef66 16:39 30 Oct 2007

The faster dual core cpu would be better for gaming in the near future; the quad cores won't really be a benefit unless multitasking or using software written to make efficient use of multiple cores.

With those components I'd rather have a slightly more powerful known brand of psu than something allegedly silent

  warlord12345 16:54 30 Oct 2007

kk guess ill go for £15 more xD thanks ill go with duo core since im gamer but will it last me for say 2 years that computer?
i would be upgrading parts though over the future

  keef66 17:11 30 Oct 2007

Even as a demanding gamer it should certainly last you longer than 2 years, and is in any case upgradeable should you feel the need to spend more in the future.

(If I was buying it I'd make it last at least 5 years!)

  warlord12345 18:17 30 Oct 2007

thanks for all the help guys
you have helped me in everyway
going to upgrade psu
and get duo core 3.0Ghz

keef66 ty for ur constant help much appreciated

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