Computer boot problem

  Luca M 19:39 02 Apr 2008

I have just put together a brand new PC and it will not boot. The computer turns on but there is no life in the screen. The screen has been used before so I know that it works. I removed the graphics card and used the onboard graphics and it is not that either. The CD/DVD drives have been disconneced and it is not those.
In only have the 1 x 2GB stick of RAM, but with it in or out, the PC still has no post beep or life to it on the screen.

I do not get a post beep, but some computers that I have do not do this so I didnt identify it as a problem at first but I am wondering if it is.

Is there anything that I can try to get this working?

Thanks in advance,

  skidzy 19:44 02 Apr 2008

Your diagnosis says to me the ram is not compatible,however i would expect one or two bbeps.

Are your fans spinning; heatsink fan,psu fan,and any case fans you may have fitted.

Have you checked the cpu is seated correctly and thermal paste applied ?

  skidzy 19:45 02 Apr 2008

beeps not bbeps...!

  Luca M 19:46 02 Apr 2008

The RAM matches up on the spec of the motherboard box and the website that I brought it from ( All fans are spinning and the HD makes its usual noise.

The CPU is seated and locked into position.

  woodchip 19:49 02 Apr 2008

Take the board out of the case, fit the ram and graphics card plus CPU with heatsink use heat compound under the heatsink, not forgetting to connect the power plug for the graphics and CPU if motherboard and hardware needs them connect atx plug. Connect monitor, then use a screwdriver just to touch the two power pins at the same time to start the computer. there is no high power on the motherboard. Only in the Power Supply case. to turn it of you can just pull the plug or hold the screwdriver on the same pins for 4 seconds to turn it off. Use some card under the Mobo to insulate it

  Luca M 19:51 02 Apr 2008

Ok I will have a go at that now. Will let you know how I get on.

  Luca M 19:58 02 Apr 2008

Ok I took the mobo out of the case and attached only the RAM, graphics and CPU. I took the CPU off to make sure it was connected ok and then reconnected it all.

The PC would still not show any sigs of life on the screen, even if the graphics card was removed and the onboard graphics used.

There was no post beep either now the mobo was out of the case.

  woodchip 20:06 02 Apr 2008

then you have other hardware problems, discount any known working items. if it's a new psu, that may be the first thing you need to check then motherboard and cpu etc.

  Luca M 20:14 02 Apr 2008

Stupid of me not to check this before, the motherboard takes 1GB ram in each slot, I have put 2GB in one slot.

That would explain it wouldnt it?

  woodchip 20:16 02 Apr 2008

It could do, as also wrong ram can stop it working. But would have thought that it should start with one stick. Is it the correct ram you fitted

  Luca M 20:18 02 Apr 2008

The mobos manual says that each slot can take max of 1GB, I have put 2GB in each slot. Would this make it not boot?

The RAM matches the speed and spec of what the mobo accepts, but too much in one slot is what I have put.

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