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  Duncanf 11:58 23 Mar 2007

I accidentally stood on a memory stick inserted into a usb connector on the front of my computer. The computer blew the fuse in the plug. I removed the broken memory stick and replaced the fuse. Nothing started so is there any way I can identify the problem area or is there an internal fuse that I am maybe overlooking?
Thanks in anticipation of some help. I am in a local library to get online!

  Graham. 12:04 23 Mar 2007

You'll have to open her up. There is sometimes a fuse on the motherboard, I believe. There may also be a fuse in/on the power supply. Obviously, disconnect from the mains first.

  2neat 12:05 23 Mar 2007

You need to inspect the mainboard & yes check internal fuses. You probably have major damage if the plug fuse blew! Unless you are 'into' computers you will need to get repaired.
Are you insured for accidental damage on your house contents?
Might be worth looking down that line.
Good luck

  Duncanf 12:07 23 Mar 2007

Thanks Graham...I've already had it all open and cannot detect a fuse anywhere on the motherboard or around the power supply unit.

  keith-236785 12:07 23 Mar 2007

under no circumstance should you open a power supply, there is a risk of electric shock even when unplugged from the mains.

i find it difficult to imagine a usb problem blowing the fuse, i have destroyed a usb pen drive before by closing a door on it while plugged in and nothing happened other than the usb pen drive dying.

  Duncanf 12:10 23 Mar 2007

Thanks for suggestions...I never thought of the house content accidental damage. Will check that when I get back to the house.

  Duncanf 12:13 23 Mar 2007

Thank you for warning although I would never touch the power supply with the warnings on the outside. The USB broke the plastic insert in the computer socket and it was when I pulled the broken stick out of the socket that the fuse went.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:33 23 Mar 2007

The USB broke the plastic insert in the computer socket and it was when I pulled the broken stick out of the socket that the fuse went.

Sounds like you shorted the 5V supply to the USB port to the frams of the case.

This will have most certainly blown the non replaceable mainboard fuse (which actually looks like a small resistor) for the USB so even if you get repowered there will be no USB ports working on the PC.
This fuse should have protected everything else but sounds as if it didn't.

With everything disconnected from the wall socket you can open the PSU and maybe find a couple of small glass fuses in there.

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