compter will not boot up,start switch just flashes

  kellysdad 15:23 15 Sep 2006

packard bell imedia 1502,screen just went black & start button started flashing 'yellow'. when switched back on all that happens is start switch flashes 'yellow'(normally blue),& can hear proccessor fan cuting in & out quickly inside case 'str led flashing, please advise how to resolve if possible?

  Jak_1 15:32 15 Sep 2006

Did you try a warm re-boot or a cold re-boot, if the former then turn off the power, leave for a couple of mins and try re-booting again. Also did you get any bios beeps?
It could also be a psu fault, especially if the fan is cutting in and out.

  ed-0 15:37 15 Sep 2006

These problems are usually just guess work. Unless you have some spares, they are difficult to find.

First thing is to unplug it. Open the case and check all the connections. Then plug it back into the mains and start it. See if the cpu fan is spinning when you start it.

Guess that the most probable cause would be a faulty PSU ( power supply unit ). have you a spare one to try?

  kellysdad 15:52 15 Sep 2006

tried replacing psu, still no change. cpu fan is cutting in & out. i don't get any bios beeps. trying to reply to help from two people for which i am greatful

  ed-0 16:11 15 Sep 2006

Disconnect the IDE cables from the back of the hard drive/drives, cdroms and floppy drive.

Take all PCI cards out from the motherboard ( white slots ).

If you have more than one memory module in the computer, take out the others.

If the motherboard has on-board graphics and you use a graphics card. Take out the graphics card and connect the monitor lead to the motherboard socket.

Check the lead for the cpu fan.

Try and start the computer.

  kellysdad 16:53 15 Sep 2006

hi ed-o done what you advised,cpu fan running but speed varies,still getting 'str led' flashing in time with fan, no signal to monitor & cannot turn off computer from power switch.

  ed-0 18:50 15 Sep 2006

" cpu fan running but speed varies "

How much. From very fast to nearly stop?

What size was the psu you swapped over to check?

Do you know what motherboard it is, the cpu your using and what type and quantity of ram have you.

  kellysdad 19:08 15 Sep 2006

cpu speed varies only asmall amount from very fast,but in time with flashing 'str led' psu was a 250watt, replaced with 350 watt, mother board - fc gigabyte ga-8simlnf/assem NF7 rev 3:1 ( hope that made some sense cpu -pentium 4(2.48ghz) m.pga478b. ram-256mb,ddr 400mhz cl3

  ed-0 19:16 15 Sep 2006

Yes that info's great.

I have to pop out for a while, but will look back later.

Others will be reading the thread and may come up with some ideas.

  ed-0 19:18 15 Sep 2006

ohjust before I go.

Is it the 350 w psu you are using with all things disconnected.

  kellysdad 19:26 15 Sep 2006

yes, i'll wait for your reply, many thanks

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