comps broke AGAIN!

  laura e 10:25 27 Jun 2005


I was just working on my computer the other day and I was on broadband and downloading some fonts from a free site as my comp has the bare minimum and i needed some good ones for my design work.

things were fine until the computer crashed which is quite common as my computer is not the best!! So i restarted it and it booted and loaded up windows, and then it just restarted itself, and it just keeps loading windows and then restarting, i have played about with the cmos settings and the f8 settings, i have tried loading in safe mode and i have tried last best known configoration and now i have set everything back to the default settings.
occasionally when windows loads up a dr watson message pops up on the screen briefly just before it restarts itself and it says something about a system error.

i have rang some computer people and asked for advice but obviously no-one wants to help me over the phone when they can charge me stu[id amounts of money to look at it and fix it. on average it seems it will cost me about £80 if i take it somewhere to be fixed and the computer probably isnt even worth that!

all i got told was that the computer has got itself into a loop and possibly has a virus on it. i am wondering myself though if it could possibly be because i was downloading maybe the memory got too full and thats why it crashed and now wont run? i dont know if thats a possibility or not?

it has less than 10gb on it which is always practically full as there is 2 versions of windows on the system, one of which doesnt work, the comp is about 5-6 years old and basically past its sell by date i think.

i am intending to buy a new, better computer soon but in the meantime i really need a copmputer desperatly for work and both my pc and my ibook laptop have broken!

if anyone has any ideas what the problem could be or any suggestions on how to fix it i will be very grateful!!

thanks :)


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:54 27 Jun 2005

Type/ make of computer?

What operating system are you using, XP?

Processor speed amount of memeory etc.?

Have you got a XP CD? or boot disks for your operating system?

  laura e 11:04 27 Jun 2005


it has an ak33 motherboard, not sure about processor speed, think its 256 ram.
it used to have millenium edition on it but it got messed up and now it is running windows 2000 professional but there is still ME files on the computer but it doesnt run and hasnt caused any major problems until now apart from taking up so much space.
I dont have any cd or boot disks as my friend installed it on for me when millenium edition got messed up but i can probably get the disk back if it is needed!

how can i find out the processor speed?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:22 27 Jun 2005

Don't worry about processor speed

"i restarted it and it booted and loaded up windows, and then it just restarted itself, and it just keeps loading windows and then restarting,"

At what point does it restart? is it getting into the white bar at the bottom of the screen?

  laura e 11:36 27 Jun 2005


the white windows 2000 screen comes up with the flying window logo and the moving 'loading up' line, if you know what i mean!
and then a blue screen comes on and it has a small white box with the windows logo and windows 2000 in it and it says something similar to 'loading windows' and then 'applying settings, and then when that goes, which is when windows would normally open up and the desktop would appear but instead it just keeps getting to that point and then restarting.
sometimes it pauses on the blue screen for a bit, sometimes it kind of crashes and the cursor wont move, sometimes a dr watson message appears before it crashes, and other times it just instantly restarts as soon as the blue screen comes up.
Also when the blue screen appears and windows should be loading up the cd-rom drive and the fan seem to start trying to do something but failing miserably, its like they whirr up and then just slow right back down again and then it restarts then.
i dont know if that has any relation to anything but it just seems odd because when windows used to open up fine they would be whirring away until windows was completely loaded up.

thanks again

  wee eddie 11:48 27 Jun 2005

Have you tried opening Safe Mode

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:52 27 Jun 2005

Looks like either a driver problem or a bad spot on the disk causing a corrupt file.

If it wont get into safe mode. Then your going to need to boot from the CD or some boot floppies from click here 4 disks.

and run chkdsk from the boot floppies.

  laura e 11:55 27 Jun 2005


thats not a silly question! I thought it would work also!

Yup I have tried safe mode, vga mode, debugging mode, last best known configeration... everything! and not one of them has made the slightest bit of difference! :(
apart from debugging mode which causes windows to load up and crash on the blue screen but not restart :-s

thanks for your replies and help!

  laura e 11:59 27 Jun 2005


So if i can get hold of the windows 2000 cd what would i need to do to solve the problem?
is it best to get boot floppis or boot from the cd?

sorry, i am pretty clueless with computer hardware issues! :-s

thanks soo much for your help! :)


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:20 27 Jun 2005

I would prefer to repair from the CD if possible as you could repair the whole windows instalation as well as running chkdsk.

  laura e 12:26 27 Jun 2005


i'll see if i can get my friend to hunt out the disk and i'll see what i can do from there and if not then i'll give it a go at downloading these boot disk files.

Im not really sure what to do to repair it but hopefully i can have a play and figure something out! if you do boot from the cd will it open up options to repair?

thanks again!


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