compromised router

  mgzteed 17:55 01 May 2008

I have a Linksys WAG325N that is compromised. I have noticed that even when all computers are off the router lights are flashing. I have also obtained download stats from my service provider and they show substantial amounts of traffic between 1 and 6 am, when all our computers are off and we are asleep. It also shows substantial traffic when we have been away, except for the main holidays when all was off, including the router. I live in an isolated very old and large Manor House that was converted into a semi detached residence in the early 1900. The other detached property is a successful Hotel, who run computer courses
I am using WPA-2 Personal, security and I would like to detect and analyse, where the 'hacking' is, to confirm my suspicions.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:49 01 May 2008

I would like to detect and analyse, where the 'hacking' is, to confirm my suspicions.

Don't think this is possible for a non expert.

am using WPA-2 Personal, security

Virtually impossible to hack this, someone MUST Know your key.

Change your key and wifi channel, enable mac address filtering if the router allows it.

  Woolwell 20:04 01 May 2008

I don't know if this is possible with the Linksys but on my router I can log in to the configuration status pages and find out who is connected and what IP address they have been allocated. This gives the computer name. If you have one that you do not recognise then someone has logged on and follow Fruit Bat /\0/\'s advice.
Why not turn off the router when the computers are off?

  mgzteed 23:14 01 May 2008

I do turn the router off now but I want to find out where the source is
If it is so hard to break wpa-2 is there any other reason why their is usage during those hours, the service provided technical department think not.

Thanks for the status idea I will investigate, I have switched on logging to see where the activity is picked up from.

Tes i now change the password daily and as we are now into a new month I am interested to see if there is any change in nightly suage

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