rotormota 23:10 21 Jan 2011


Can anyone confirm whether Windows 7 64 bit MediaCentre is compatible with DVB-S?

It appears to be, having scoured the web & subsequently installed a Compro VideoMate S800F DVD-S tuner card. MC goes through the configuration steps recognising the card. Unfortunately after the scanning stage it does not find any channels. Weirdly, the software supplied with the card also scans with zero results.

I know that the feed from the dish is live as my other desktop is receiving all the freesat channels via another DVB-S card.

I have read on the web that possibly the card may need a 3.5 inch power supply connected to it but the instructions say nothing about this.


  GaT7 23:22 21 Jan 2011

As you mention, the card has a '3.5" power connector for LNB' - can be seen in the pic at click here.

This looks like a regular floppy-drive power connector - are you connecting the appropriate power connector to this? G

  GaT7 23:25 21 Jan 2011

Confirmed in this review by Stuart Waudby at eBuyer click here:

"DVB-S requires the card to be connected to a standard 3.5 inch floppy drive power plug to power the dish LNB."


  rotormota 23:46 21 Jan 2011

Thanks for your quick responses.

I am unsure about this power supply thing. The DVB-S PCI card in the other Vista desktop does not have one & picks up all of the Freesat channels using the supplied software.

In addition perhaps I should say that the dish already successfully supplies signals to 3 other Freesat TV's in other rooms around the house. It is capable of supplying 4 devices by the way. Does this mean that the dish LNB is already powered or does the Compro DVB-S PCIE card in the Win7 desktop have to have the said power connector fitted? If so I haven't got a clue about what to plug it into inside the PC?


  GaT7 12:12 22 Jan 2011

I think you'll find, while your other DVB-S card doesn't need any additional power, this particular Compro card needs the extra power to function.

As stated before, it needs to be fitted with a floppy-drive type connector (which looks like click here) from the PSU.

If your PSU doesn't have one (can't imagine but possible), you could convert a molex (std connector that powers IDE drives like click here) to the required one by using this converter: click here (£1.34).

If you don't have a free molex connector, then this will give you another molex & one of the type you need click here (£1.50). G

  rotormota 17:34 22 Jan 2011

Hi & thanks for your quick response.

The PC does not have any molex connections at all. It does have a spare plug which is black & of a flat thin nature which is there to go into the back of an additional DVD drive if installed.

There is also another spare black plug which is more of a square shape. If either of these are supplying power then I guess I need a lead with a floppy power connector one end (to the DVB-S card) & a plug which fits one of the above.

Any further thoughts?


  GaT7 17:41 22 Jan 2011

Right, I think you have a spare SATA power connector like click here?

If yes, then you'll need to get a SATA-molex converter like click here (£2.49), AND the molex-floppy converter click here.

Or, only this SATA-molex+floppy converter click here (£5.11). G

  rotormota 18:10 22 Jan 2011

So if I get the last option you mention am I right to say that the SATA will plug into my empty one, the molex is just there as a spare & the floppy power will go on to my DVB-S card thus providing power to the LNB?

Thanks again.

  GaT7 18:26 22 Jan 2011

Yes, that's right.

If you find the connection between the SATA connectors a little loose (i.e. likely to easily come apart) a little tape should fix this - a small piece of duct/duck tape if you have it is ideal.

If you find you need a SATA power connector or two in the future (as you installed 1 or 2 additional SATA drives), get this molex-twin-SATA power click here (£1.25). This will attach to the molex of the above converter (i.e. click here) to give you 2x SATA power connectors. G

  rotormota 06:09 24 Jan 2011

Thanks for the help on this matter. I have ordered a part.

All the best.

  rotormota 18:41 27 Jan 2011

Hi again,

An update to say that I ordered the part from Amazon & it arrived very quickly. The card is now powered & I have Freesat.

However, weirdly although it shows BBC South East in the Win7WMC Guide I do not get any picture which is annoying because I'm in Kent. I can get all of the other BBC regions. In addition I cannot get More4+1. This one does not even show up in the Guide.

I have Freesat from the same dish on 4 other TV's around the house & they receive both of the above. Any ideas why the PC tuner card has an issue with these?


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