compression help

  geedad 19:14 16 Sep 2007

I have a 5.2GB mpeg file, and I want to author this to a DVD. However, the DVD recording media has a maximum capacity of 4.7GB.
I cannot use DvDShrink because it is on my hard drive and not a separate DVD.
Anyone know of a suitable compression program,m say, to reduce from 5.2GB to just less than 4.7GB?

  steve stifler 19:17 16 Sep 2007

from shrink select open files instead of open disc

  eedcam 19:23 16 Sep 2007

As said with shrink if its a Ts folder select open files if its an Iso image select disc image

  geedad 19:35 16 Sep 2007

steve stifler
Thanks for your very prompt reply. I have tried that. However,DVDshrink does not recognize the file, and "needs to close"!
The video that I am trying to reduce in size was on a DVD. It was too loud ( my autistic grandson insisted on playing it at its loudest!), and I wanted to redo it and lower the volume (loudness). I therefore copied it to my hard drive from my DVD player, using Sony Giga Pocket software. However, when I tried to author it, using TMpgenc, it came up as too large a file.
I tried DVDShrink, but it did not recognize the file. If I could find a compression utility to reduce it to just under 4.7GB, I will be home and dry!
Thanks again,

  geedad 19:39 16 Sep 2007

Thanks, please see my reply to steve stifler

  tullie 19:41 16 Sep 2007

Silly question but cant you just turn sound down on whatever your using it on?

  pj123 19:54 16 Sep 2007

Does your DVD burner accept Dual Layer?

If so, just buy a Dual Layer DVD (8.5gb)

  geedad 19:58 16 Sep 2007

If you are referring to the original DVD played on my DVD player, the answer to your question is YES - if I were using it just myself - it is a simple matter of turning the volume control down. However, as I indicated in my reply to steve stifler, when my AUTISTIC grandson plays it on the DVD player, he insists on maximum volume!
With all of my future DVD authoring, I now reduce the volume on my authoring sofware, and it works fine. This is hopefully, just a particular, one-off DVD that he is obsessed with, and because of his condition, I don't want to throw it out, but just work on it to produce another, with a lower volume.
He is, of course, not being awkward or naughty. It is how autistic people are, and I am trying to keep him happy.

  geedad 20:04 16 Sep 2007


Yes, I have a LG Dual Layer Multi-Format writer, and that is a good idea. ( But a compression utilty would be nice to have!)

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