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  geedad 10:09 20 Jul 2007

I have just copied a VHS tape, with a duration of 2hrs, and when I tried to author it using Tmpgenc 1.6, to make a playable DVD, I got the message that the size was 7.2GB, and therefore too large to author to a 4.7GB DVD.
This program suggested using a double layer disc, and although the program can use these, can the finished result be played on a standard DVD player?
Or must the DVD player have the double layer playable feature built in?
Or............can I compress this file to reduce the overall size without loss of quality, and to fit on a 4.7GB DVD?
Sorry about all of the questions, but it would be useful to know.
( I will have to edit and split the file over 2 discs if there is no other solution.

  TonyM 11:01 20 Jul 2007

Most pre-recorded DVD's these days (if not all) are Dual-Layer and can hold about 9Gb of data. Therefore standard DVD players all read them.

Most cheap blank DVD's for home use are only single layer, but dual layer blanks can be bought (but are more expensive). The important thing is - Can your DVD Writer write to a Dual layer disc (older ones genreally can't) ?

If not there are lots of software packages (Nero, DVDShrink etc.) that will shrink the content down - but there will always be some loss of quality. Sometimes that can be can be got around to some extent by the software you use to do the shrinking - but from my experience, the results can be very variable.

Blank DVD's are so cheap you may as well try a few experiments to see if the results are acceptable, and if not invest in some dual-layer ones.

  eedcam 11:37 20 Jul 2007

regarding loss off quality using shrink I doubt very much if you would notice. How did you get a 2 hour analogue source to 7.2 GB what software did you use to import it and what format is it in

  geedad 20:13 20 Jul 2007

Paragraph 1.
Thank you very much for the info about standard DVD players being able to play D/L discs, I did not know that.
Paragraph 2.
Yes, I have a writer capable of writing to D/Ls.
Paragraph 3.
I have just downloaded DVDShrink,and as such, have not had the opportunity to try it properly.
The VHS tape was copied using Sony Giga Pocket 5 software, where the file (VHS tape), is copied directly to the PC from the tape recorder.
In this particular case, the tape duration was just over 2 hours, resulting in my Authoring software (Pegasys TMPGenc.ver 1.6) suggesting using a D/L disc since the file size was app. 7.2GB, which as you know, far exceeds the standard 4.7GB disc.
If, as you intimate,the D/L discs will play on standard DVD players, then my problem really is solved.The extra expense would be worth maintaining good quality.
DVDShrnk, with my initial look at it, did not want to know about the Sony file, which was, I believe, Mpeg2, so perhaps that file type is not acceptable to DVDSrink.
Paragraph 4.
Will do, and your response and advice is very much appreciated, and thank you.

Perhaps my reply to TonyM will enlighten you on the details, but I used a tape recorder to send the tape to the PC, and it was imported by Sony Giga Pocket 5 software. Finished file format Mpeg2. ( I will confirm this )
I thank you also for your response, and I will leave the posting open should other Forum members wish to respond.

  eedcam 23:21 20 Jul 2007

Thats fine but Ican assure you the cost of D/ls far outweighs the quality difference you are expecting. Commercial movies run at around 6 to 7 G and they compress no problem . A Dv-avi tape from a camcorder which is about the best quality of any format is 13 Gb for 1 hours tape and that compresses to 4.7 Gb quite comfortablyon dvd. D/ls are fine but not if you make a couple of coasters Shrink only accepts either Iso files(Disc image ) Files in a Video _ts folder or direct from dvd . What are your files exported as

  geedad 12:54 21 Jul 2007

Your advice taken.
Regarding the file format ( and this is the problem, I thnk), it shows app. 7.2 GB in .mpeg1 format, which may not be compatible. DVDShrink just won't take it.
I may be able to get D/L discs from a disc supplier fairly cheaply, and I could also do trials using re-usable DVD-RWs to test the quality of a partial recording.
Normally, I have np problem with my old tapes, since most do come within the capacity of a 4.7 DVD disc, but it would have been handy to compress longer tapes.
I will take another look at the DVDShrink manual.
Thank youvery much. Look forward to any further suggestions.

  geedad 12:57 21 Jul 2007

Sorry! Should have asked if you meant 1.3 GB or 13GB ??

  geedad 13:36 21 Jul 2007

Just to give you some more food for thought, the Tape to PC through Sony's Goga Pocket 5 can all run in ReaPlayer or Windows Media Player.
Now that I have tried DVDShrik again, it throws up an error message... encountered a problem. Failed to open "D:\Giga Pocket 5\Video_TS.IFo
The system cannot find the file specified."
So perhaps I need to search for the file details elsewhere - or is DVDShrink not working propery?
Thanks again,

  David4637 13:41 21 Jul 2007

DVDShrink will take on MPEG2, cause I have used it to compress files from 9 GB to 4.7GB, with little noticeable loss. David

  eedcam 14:06 21 Jul 2007

Doubt if it is Shrink at fault as David said it will take Mpeg 2 but only as I described earlier / And I said 13 Thirteen Gb The reason I am going against Dual layer is purely to try and save you Money .Even if you burn your dvd's there is no guarantee they will play alright .many people come across probs for various reasons trying to burn single layer. Thats why its best to get the single layer method established before you go for D/layer

  geedad 19:32 21 Jul 2007

Thank you,David4637, that is very reassuring to know.
Thanks for considering my bank balance!
I won't bother with Dual Layer. I don't want to introduce any further possible problems, as could be likely.
Perhaps DVDShrink did not install correctly, or I have not fully got to grips with the workings of it ( I only installed it yesterday, but is fairly easy to understand).
It does not do 'drag and drop', neither can I import the file from my folders. Also, as I stated earlier, it throws up an error message.
................continuing saga!!!
But I will have more tries.even if I uninstall and re-install.
Thanks to you all, everything is tried, and greatly appreciated.

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